Why did Tay K Get Arrested? Where is Tay K Now? Tay K’s Music Career!

Why did Tay K Get Arrested
Why did Tay K Get Arrested

Why Tay K Got Arrested and Where He Is Now

Taymor Travon McIntyre, famously known as Tay K, captured public attention not only for his music but also for his entanglement in a web of criminal activities. Let’s delve into the details of why Tay K faced legal repercussions and his current situation.

Full Name Taymor Travon McIntyre (Tay-K)
Nickname Tay-K, Tay-K 47
Date of Birth June 16, 2000
Age 23 years (2023)
Birthplace Long Beach, California, U.S.
Origin Arlington, Texas, U.S.
Occupation Rapper, songwriter
Years Active 2014–2017 (active in the music industry)

Tay K’s Legal Troubles

Tay K’s journey into infamy began with serious allegations against him. In July 2016, he was implicated in a home invasion and robbery that tragically resulted in the death of Ethan Walker. The incident escalated into a murder charge against Tay K and his associates. Despite claims that he wasn’t directly involved in the fatal shot, his participation in the crime led to grave legal consequences.

While awaiting trial in January 2017, Tay K absconded, cutting off his ankle monitor, and sought refuge in San Antonio, Texas. However, his attempt to evade justice was short-lived, as he became embroiled in another robbery, resulting in the death of Mark Anthony Saldivar. Additionally, Tay K was linked to the assault and robbery of a 65-year-old man, further complicating his legal predicament.

Tay K’s Music Career

Parallel to his legal troubles, Tay K’s music career was gaining momentum. Initially part of the group Daytona Boyz, he ventured into solo projects, garnering local recognition with tracks like “Megaman.” However, it was his song “The Race,” released while he was on the run from authorities, that catapulted him to nationwide fame. Despite his incarceration, Tay K continued to release music, notably his mixtape “Santana World,” which received positive feedback from fans and critics alike.

Tay K’s Net Worth

Despite his incarceration, Tay K managed to accumulate a net worth of $3 million through his music endeavors. His rise to prominence began with Daytona Boyz and escalated with solo hits like “The Race.” Although his legal troubles halted his freedom, his music continues to generate income, reflecting his enduring popularity within the industry.

Current Whereabouts of Tay K

As of now, Tay K remains behind bars, serving a 55-year prison sentence in Bexar County Jail, San Antonio, Texas. Despite his confinement, Tay K faces legal battles beyond his criminal convictions. Lawsuits from the families of his victims allege that he and his former record labels profited from his music, sparking contentious legal proceedings.


Tay K’s story is a blend of musical success and legal turmoil, underscoring the complexities of fame and the consequences of one’s actions. While his music continues to resonate with audiences, his incarceration serves as a sobering reminder of the repercussions of criminal behavior.


  1. Who is Tay K? Tay K, born Taymor Travon McIntyre, is an American rapper known for his hit song “The Race” and subsequent legal troubles.
  2. Why did Tay K get arrested? Tay K was arrested for his involvement in serious crimes, including murder, robbery, and assault, stemming from incidents in 2016 and 2017.
  3. What is Tay K’s net worth? Tay K’s net worth is estimated at $3 million, primarily earned through his music career before his incarceration.
  4. Where is Tay K now? Tay K is currently serving his prison sentence in connection with his criminal convictions.
  5. What legal challenges has Tay K faced? Tay K has been involved in lawsuits related to his criminal actions, including wrongful death claims and accusations of profiting from his music.

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