Who was John Savident’s Wife? Does John Savident have Children? Who was John Savident?

Who was John Savident's Wife
Who was John Savident’s Wife

John Savident’s wife was Rona Hopkinson. They got married in 1961, and their union produced two children. Savident, born in Guernsey in 1938, transitioned from a career as a Manchester policeman to pursue acting after a chance encounter led to a role in a London pantomime. Renowned for his portrayal of Fred Elliott in Coronation Street, Savident’s booming voice and dynamic personality captivated audiences for years.

Marriage and Family Life

John Savident’s family was central to his life and legacy. He shared a lifelong partnership with his wife, Rona Hopkinson, whom he married in 1961. Rona stood by his side throughout his career, notably supporting him during his tenure on Coronation Street. Together, they raised two children: Romany and Daniel. Their commitment to family became increasingly important to John, leading him to prioritize spending time with his loved ones over his demanding schedule in the entertainment industry.

Name John Savident
Born 21 January 1938
Place of Birth Guernsey
Died 21 February 2024
Age at Death 86
Occupation Actor
Spouse Rona Hopkinson (m. 1961)
Children 2

Who was John Savident?

John Savident was a well-known British actor celebrated for his versatile performances across various television shows. Notably, he gained widespread recognition for his portrayal of Fred Elliott in the beloved soap opera Coronation Street, a role he inhabited from 1994 to 2006.

Career Highlights

John Savident had a diverse career in both theater and television. He originated the role of Monsieur Firmin in the original production of Phantom of the Opera, debuting in 1986. His television credits included appearances in cult classics like Blake’s 7 and Doctor Who, as well as roles in Danger Man, The Saint, and Callan. Savident’s performance as Doctor Meredith in The Remains of the Day showcased his versatility on the big screen.

John Savident Age

John Savident, born on January 21, 1938, in Guernsey, endured the hardships of the German occupation of his homeland in 1940. Fleeing to Britain with his family, he embarked on a diverse journey that saw him transition from being a police officer to pursuing a career in acting.

Does John Savident have Children?

Yes, John Savident has children. He and his wife Rona Hopkinson were parents to two children, Romany and Daniel. Their family dynamic was central to Savident’s life, with his decision to prioritize spending time with his loved ones over his career on Coronation Street highlighting the importance of family to him. After leaving the show, Savident’s desire to be present for his children and grandchildren became increasingly evident.


John Savident’s legacy in the entertainment industry is profound, marked by his versatile performances and dedication to his craft. His commitment to family and his enduring impact on British television and theater will be remembered fondly by audiences worldwide.


  1. Who was John Savident’s most famous role?
    • John Savident is best known for his portrayal of Fred Elliott in Coronation Street.
  2. What prompted John Savident to leave Coronation Street?
    • John Savident left Coronation Street in 2005 citing personal reasons and a desire to spend more time with his family.
  3. What was John Savident’s career outside of Coronation Street?
    • John Savident had a diverse career in both theater and television, including roles in The Phantom of the Opera and various film and TV shows such as Doctor Who and A Clockwork Orange.
  4. How many children did John Savident have?
    • John Savident and Rona Hopkinson had two children together: Romany and Daniel.
  5. Who was John Savident’s wife?
    • John Savident’s wife was Rona Hopkinson, with whom he shared a lifelong partnership.

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