5 Trendy Birthday Gifting Ideas You can’t Miss

Trend of gifting is as old as biblical times as the anecdote of three wise men bringing gifts to baby Jesus is known to all of us. Each one of us used to wait so eagerly for Santa Claus to come and leave gifts for us during our childhood. Nowadays, celebrations are as good as incomplete without exchange of gifts. That is not all, a new trend of offering return gifts to attendees during kid’s birthday celebration is also picking up.

Choose online delivery

Gifts are nothing but messengers of emotions as one can express a wide assortment of feelings including love, gratitude, joy, and respect to name a few. Online gift stores add convenience of selecting gifts from a huge collection of flowers, cakes, chocolates, and other trendy items. You can even plan a midnight cake delivery in Delhi or any other town to surprise the birthday boy or birthday girl.

Make it personal

Personalized gifts are sure to be appreciated by everyone as these can not only help you express your intimate feelings but are also cherished forever. Thanks to advanced technology of digital printing, one can order any gift item by adding a personal touch to it.

You must have come across stunning coffee mugs with photograph of the person printed on it. In the same way, you can order a marvelous cake with photo to impress guests. Wood engraving is also a very popular trend of presenting personalized gifts. The most stunning gift for all occasions and ages would be an elegant bouquet of flowers with photo.

Go green- gift plants

Nothing more thoughtful than a green leafy plant to present to the honoree because plants convey significance of green environment. A plant is a lasting reminder of your good wishes as the recipient is sure to keep it and look after it.

You will be definitely remembered every day as the plant is being watered and nurtured! Among all gifts for birthdays, a plant can be the most meaningful gift because a plant is considered as sign of healthy growth. Some plants such as a areca palm, Boston fern, snake plant, money plant are known to bring good fortune as per Feng Shui principles. Any reputed online gift shop can be the best resource for sending plants along with midnight cake delivery in Delhi.

Chocolates for mellow memories

Mouth melting chocolates are usually presented in the form of a bouquet to someone who is celebrating a birthday. These unique bouquets can be ordered online stores by choosing your favorite brands of chocolates.

Alternatively, you can also order attractive chocolate gift boxes by using assorted varieties of chocolates. Bouquets of flowers can be made to look delicious by placing chocolates between flowers. This out-of-box gift idea will definitely add yummy cheer to the party.

Cakes- happiness delivered

Thanks to the efficient services of midnight cake delivery in Delhi, you can not only order any cake of your choice but can also make sure that the same is delivered as the birthday boy or girl is about to blow the candles out.

Yes, midnight cake delivery is fast becoming the popular trend among youngsters. One can choose from a broad spectrum of these delightful delicacies such as pineapple cake, butterscotch cake, red velvet cake, and chocolate cake just to name a few.


For everyone, a birthday is an opportunity to invite loved ones and celebrate the bond of togetherness. The once-in-a-year occasion deserves to be memorable in every special way. Try any one of these gifting ideas to make beautiful memories and do not forget to use reliable services of midnight cake delivery in Delhi or any other town for a jazzy experience.

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