Fascinating Cake Varieties that are Trending in India

If you thought that trending fashions are only associated with clothing and personal care products, then you are mistaken. You need to follow fascinating trends that are in vogue for celebrating special occasions and important milestones of lives.

The cake is arguably the most important aspect of any celebration, especially if it is someone’s birthday or anniversary. Contrary to the old belief, cakes are preferred to mark all types of important events apart from birthdays. Since cakes are being ordered for all types of celebrations, there is a remarkable growth in types of cake that are sold through online cake delivery in Delhi today and every day.

I have tried to compile some of the most sought-after cake varieties by people in India by observing current trends. These cake varieties are sure to elevate your celebrations to a different level of cheer and sophistication. Moreover, you can also order cakes to match the theme or mood of the party.

Succulent fruit cake

The juicy and yummy taste of this cake is sure to excite everyone at the party. This is a cake with a difference because juicy fruit cake not only provides a reason to celebrate but is also a rich source of vitamins, and anti-oxidants to keep stress at bay. The dessert cake with the goodness of fruits will certainly add an amazing grace to the decoration. Needless to mention, you can choose different color combinations as per your choice.

The goodness of chocolate in cakes

Love for chocolate is universal and this has percolated down to cakes and pastries too. A striking brown chocolate cake is a new trend that is driving everyone crazy regardless of age and culture. Interestingly, chocolate cake has been climbing the popularity charts for years and is still counting. These cakes can be ordered via a reliable online cake delivery in Delhi today for the same day or even midnight delivery. Chocolate cakes are made more inviting by generously spreading chocolate chips all over.

For the love of butterscotch

The richness of butterscotch ice cream and candies has already been transferred to ice-creams. In my opinion, it is not ice cream, if it is not butterscotch! I am sure you will also agree with me that butterscotch is an amazing flavor that lingers in mouth long after we have finished the delicacy. No wonder, butterscotch cakes have created a great buzz among people who are looking for a trendy and mouth-watering variety of dessert with a Scottish hint!

Spell the radiance of love with velvet cake

Red and silky texture of velvet cake is designed to impress everyone and is sure to become talk of the party if not town. Paint the celebrations red with a dazzling and smooth redness of this cake. This is another remarkable addition to the rich variety of trending cakes in India. Of course, you can make sure that the cake arrives in time with help of online cake delivery in Delhi today to celebrate the birthday of your loved one.

Custom cake ideas

There is a new trend of ordering cakes with a photo on top to make the special occasion more memorable. The photo cake is sure to attract selfie enthusiasts and click awesome photos of the unique cake. You can select any recent or even a throwback snap of the honoree for this unique cake.

 Final thoughts

Cakes have become synonymous with all types of celebrations and not just birthdays. Thanks to online cake delivery in Delhi, today buying your favorite variety of cakes is a child’s play. Get more Cakes Ideas

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