Will Ravens Play Starters Against The Steelers? Who is Favoured To Win Steelers vs Ravens?

Will Ravens Play Starters Against The Steelers

The NFL season is reaching its climax, and as the Baltimore Ravens prepare to face the Pittsburgh Steelers, a significant decision looms. Will the Ravens rest most of their starters in this critical matchup? And who is favored to win the showdown between these longtime rivals? In this article, we dive into the key factors surrounding this intriguing encounter.

The Ravens’ Resting Strategy

The Ravens are expected to rest most starters against the Steelers due to their secured playoff position. While this might raise concerns about potential rustiness, the team is prioritizing player rest over risking injuries or fatigue after a two-week break.

Head Coach John Harbaugh, who has been at the helm since 2008, emphasized the differences from the disappointing 2019 season. He pointed out the strengths of this year’s team and Lamar Jackson’s evolution as a passer. With Jackson sidelined, backup quarterback Tyler Huntley steps in, hoping to showcase his talents for potential free agency.

The Depth Advantage

One of the reasons the Ravens feel confident in resting their starters is the depth of their squad. Even with backups facing the Steelers’ starting lineup, Baltimore believes they can maintain a competitive edge. This depth will be put to the test as they take on a motivated Pittsburgh team.

Steelers’ Playoff Aspirations

On the flip side, the Steelers find themselves in a do-or-die situation. They desperately need a victory to enhance their chances of securing a playoff spot. This urgency, coupled with recent positive form, has positioned them as the favorites to win this matchup.

The Uncertainty

The question remains: Who will emerge victorious? As of now, it’s hard to predict. The Ravens’ strategy of resting starters could disrupt the usual balance of power between these two teams. On the other hand, the Steelers’ playoff aspirations might propel them to victory.

In Conclusion

In a season filled with surprises, the Ravens’ decision to rest starters against the Steelers adds another layer of uncertainty. While the Steelers may be favored, the outcome remains anyone’s guess. Football fans will undoubtedly be on the edge of their seats as these two AFC North rivals collide.


1. Will the Baltimore Ravens play their starters against the Steelers?

It’s anticipated that the Ravens will rest most of their starters, prioritizing player rest ahead of the playoffs due to their secured playoff spot.

2. Who is favored to win the Steelers vs. Ravens game?

Currently, sportsbooks and analysts favor the Pittsburgh Steelers to win, considering their playoff urgency and the likelihood of the Ravens resting many starters.

3. Will Lamar Jackson play in the game against the Steelers?

No, it’s expected that Lamar Jackson will not play in the game, with the Ravens likely resting key players ahead of the postseason.

4. Are the Steelers playing for a playoff spot against the Ravens?

Yes, the Steelers are still in contention for a playoff spot and need a win to enhance their chances, adding to their motivation for the game.

5. Why are the Ravens considering resting starters against the Steelers?

With their playoff position secured, the Ravens prioritize avoiding injuries and providing rest to key players ahead of the postseason, influencing the decision to rest starters.

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