Why Was Howard Stern Not Live This Week? Know Who is Howard Stern?

Why Was Howard Stern Not Live This Week
Why Was Howard Stern Not Live This Week

In the world of radio and entertainment, Howard Stern is a name that needs no introduction. The iconic American broadcaster and media personality have been a household name for decades, known for pushing the boundaries of talk radio. However, last week, Howard Stern was noticeably absent from his live broadcasts. This article will delve into the reasons behind his absence, his experience with COVID-19, and provide insights into the life of the “King of All Media.”

The Unexpected Absence

Howard Stern’s absence from live broadcasts last week was due to a sudden and unexpected event – he contracted COVID-19. This revelation came as a surprise to his dedicated audience, as Stern had maintained an almost hermit-like lifestyle to avoid the virus since the onset of the pandemic.

Stern’s Experience with COVID-19

Despite his best efforts to remain virus-free, Stern’s luck ran out, and he found himself dealing with the harsh reality of COVID-19. He did not specify how he believes he contracted the virus, but he did share that it was an extremely challenging experience. Stern, who is known for being a notorious germaphobe, expressed that he had never been this sick before.

Stern’s battle with COVID-19 highlighted the seriousness of the virus, and he took the opportunity to caution his listeners about its severity. He emphasized the importance of the COVID-19 vaccine in mitigating the impact of the virus, expressing gratitude for its existence.

Who is Howard Stern?

Howard Allan Stern was born on January 12, 1954, and he is a true legend in the world of broadcasting and entertainment. He is best known for hosting “The Howard Stern Show,” a radio program that gained national popularity during its terrestrial radio syndication from 1986 to 2005. This show earned Stern the title of “King of All Media.”

Stern’s success is attributed to his candid and often controversial style. He has never been afraid to push boundaries and engage listeners with his unique approach to talk radio. After the end of terrestrial radio syndication, Stern made a groundbreaking move to Sirius XM Radio in 2006, where he continued to captivate audiences.

Navigating the Pandemic

One of the most remarkable aspects of Stern’s life during the COVID-19 pandemic was his dedication to staying safe. As a self-proclaimed germaphobe, he took extraordinary measures to protect himself by essentially becoming a recluse. For an impressive two-year period, Stern chose to remain within the confines of his home.

However, even with his meticulous precautions, Stern’s recent contraction of COVID-19 underscores the virus’s pervasive nature. His experience served as a reminder that no one is completely immune, regardless of their precautions. It also reinforced the importance of getting vaccinated to reduce the severity of the illness.


1. Did Howard Stern get COVID-19?

Yes, Howard Stern revealed that he contracted COVID-19, leading to his absence from the airwaves.

2. What is Howard Stern known for?

Howard Stern is known for his radio show, “The Howard Stern Show,” which gained popularity nationally from 1986 to 2005.

3. How did Howard Stern avoid COVID-19 previously?

Howard Stern adopted a hermit-like lifestyle, not leaving his home for two years during the pandemic.

4. Why did Howard Stern thank those who developed the COVID-19 vaccine?

Stern expressed gratitude for the COVID-19 vaccine, emphasizing its importance in combating the severity of the virus.

5. What does “woke” mean in Howard Stern’s context?

In Howard Stern’s context, being “woke” means supporting causes such as not backing Donald Trump, advocating for transgender rights, and endorsing the COVID-19 vaccine.

In conclusion, Howard Stern’s absence from live broadcasts last week was due to his battle with COVID-19, despite his efforts to avoid the virus. His experience serves as a reminder of the virus’s severity and the importance of vaccination. Stern’s iconic status in the world of broadcasting remains intact, and his unique style continues to captivate audiences.

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