Why was Gistlover Arrested? Who is Gistlover?

Why was Gistlover Arrested

In a surprising turn of events, Gistlover, a prominent Nigerian blog known for its controversial and sensational content, found itself at the center of a legal storm. This article delves into the arrest of Gistlover and three associated bloggers, Adebukola Kolapo, Nnedum Somtomchukwu, and Isaac Akpokighe, who were charged with cyberstalking. We’ll also explore the identity of Gistlover and the ongoing dispute between the blog and law enforcement.

Understanding the Arrest

The arrest of Gistlover and the three bloggers sent shockwaves throughout Nigeria’s online community. It all began when the Nigeria Police Force received a petition accusing them of cyberstalking, incitement, and involvement in illicit activities such as blackmail. The police, acting on this information, detained the suspects and alleged their connection to a syndicate called the “Gistlover family.”

Gistlover, however, did not take these accusations lightly. The blog quickly dismissed the arrest as baseless and challenged the police to provide concrete evidence. Moreover, they criticized the police for perceived unprofessionalism in handling the case. This marked the beginning of a heated dispute between Gistlover and the authorities.

The Bloggers’ Roles

To better understand the situation, we need to delve into the roles played by the three bloggers in question. They were instrumental in the creation of Gistlover pages, engaging in cyberstalking, and were implicated in money laundering activities. These allegations have further fueled the controversy surrounding the arrest.

Gistlover, on its part, has not been silent in defending its position. The blog countered the police narrative on Instagram, where it enjoys a significant following, calling the arrest a “big joke.” Gistlover expressed confidence that the legal process would ultimately reveal the truth.

Unmasking Gistlover

The identity of Gistlover remained shrouded in mystery for a considerable period, leading to rampant speculations and rumors. Many wondered who was behind the controversial blog that consistently exposed the private lives of celebrities. It was investigative journalist Kemi Olunloyo who finally revealed the face and name of the blogger – Mary David Onaichenen.

Mary David Onaichenen is believed to be the owner of Gistlover, and her unmasking added a new layer of intrigue to the ongoing saga. Despite facing criticism and legal threats due to the blog’s content, she has managed to evade lawsuits and maintain her anonymity.


The arrest of Gistlover and the subsequent legal battle have raised numerous questions about freedom of expression, media ethics, and the role of bloggers in today’s digital landscape. The conflicting perspectives between Gistlover and law enforcement highlight the controversy and complexity of this case.

In the ever-evolving world of online journalism and social media, the story of Gistlover serves as a reminder of the power and reach of digital platforms. It also underscores the importance of responsible reporting and the need for a robust legal framework to address issues arising from the digital age.

Why was Gistlover Arrested – FAQs

  1. What specific allegations led to Gistlover’s arrest? Gistlover and three bloggers were accused of cyberstalking, incitement, and involvement in illicit activities such as blackmail.
  2. Why did the Nigeria Police Force detain Gistlover and the bloggers? The police acted on a petition, alleging the suspects’ connection to a syndicate called the “Gistlover family.”
  3. How does Gistlover respond to the arrest? Gistlover dismisses the charges as baseless, challenges the police to provide evidence, and criticizes them for perceived unprofessionalism.
  4. What roles did the three bloggers play in the Gistlover pages? The bloggers played key roles in creating Gistlover pages, engaging in cyberstalking, and being implicated in money laundering activities.
  5. What is the Gistlover narrative on Instagram regarding the arrest? Gistlover calls the arrest a “big joke” on Instagram, expressing confidence that the legal process will reveal the truth.

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