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Who is Luke Littler Sister

In the world of sports, rising stars often have a strong support system behind them, and Luke ‘The Nuke’ Littler, the emerging darts sensation, is no exception. While Luke’s achievements on the darts stage have garnered attention, there’s one person who quietly stands by his side, cheering him on – his elder sister, Caitlin Littler. In this article, we’ll delve into the life of Caitlin Littler, her role in supporting her brother’s career, and the intriguingly private Littler family.

Who is Luke Littler Sister?

Caitlin Littler is the elder sister of burgeoning darts sensation Luke ‘The Nuke’ Littler. Actively involved in supporting her brother’s career, Caitlin can be frequently spotted cheering for Luke at various darts tournaments. Despite her familial connection to the limelight, she has managed to keep a low profile, maintaining privacy regarding her personal and professional life. Alongside her brothers, Luke and Harry, Caitlin is part of a family that values discretion, with limited public information available about their individual pursuits.

Caitlin’s social media presence is a testament to her pride in Luke’s achievements. Following significant wins, she takes to platforms like Instagram to express her excitement and admiration. Her messages convey genuine enthusiasm and pride in her brother’s accomplishments, reflecting a strong familial bond. While Luke continues to make headlines in the darts world, Caitlin remains a steadfast supporter, sharing in the joy of his victories and maintaining a reserved presence.

Name Luke Littler
Nickname The Nuke
Born 21 January 2007
Age 16 Years
Hometown Runcorn, Cheshire, England
Home Town Warrington, Cheshire, England
Playing Since 2017
Darts 23g Target
Laterality Right-handed

Luke Littler Career

Luke Littler has swiftly become a sensation in the world of professional darts, showcasing remarkable achievements at a remarkably young age. Starting his darts journey in 2017, Littler’s early career was marked by high averages and victories in youth competitions. Notably, he won the England Youth Grand Prix and Isle of Man Masters in 2019, successfully defending his Isle of Man Masters title in 2020.

As he progressed, Littler secured two titles in the 2020 JDC tour and joined Target’s “Elite1” program. His success continued in 2021, winning the youth title at the England Open and making an impactful debut in seniors, clinching the Irish Open title and earning a spot in the 2022 WDF World Darts Championship at just 14.

The year 2022 saw Littler’s meteoric rise, winning various competitions, including the JDC Super 16 and the Romanian Classic. His outstanding performance at the 2022 WDF Europe Cup Youth, where he secured gold in singles, team, and overall categories, further solidified his reputation.

In December 2022, Littler made history by winning the JDC World Darts Championship at the age of 15. His success continued into 2023, winning the MODUS Super Series twice and claiming victory in the PDC World Youth Championship in November.

The pinnacle of his career so far is the 2024 PDC World Darts Championship, where, as the youngest participant, he broke records for the highest average by a debutant and emerged victorious in multiple challenging rounds. Littler’s extraordinary journey has captivated the darts world, establishing him as a prodigious talent with a promising future.

Luke Littler Age

In 2024, Luke Littler stands at the age of 16, having been born on January 21 in the year 2007. Despite his youth, Littler has already carved out an impressive career in professional darts, making waves with his exceptional talent and numerous achievements. His journey began at a very young age, and by 2024, he has become the current PDC World Youth Champion, showcasing his prowess in the competitive world of darts.

His age, at 16, emphasizes the extraordinary nature of his accomplishments, particularly as he broke records in the 2024 PDC World Darts Championship, where he not only displayed the highest average by a debutant but also became the youngest winner in the history of the tournament. Littler’s age is not just a numerical figure but a testament to his early success and promising future in the realm of professional darts.

Luke Littler Family

Luke Littler’s family serves as the bedrock of support behind the 16-year-old darts sensation’s meteoric rise in the sports world. Anthony Buckley, Luke’s father and a Warrington taxi driver, played a pivotal role in recognizing his son’s potential early on. Introducing Luke to darts with a magnetic board from a pound shop when he was a toddler, Anthony encouraged him to prioritize darts over football, a decision that has proven remarkably successful.

Lisa, Luke’s mother and a 40-year-old sales assistant, stands as a proud and vocal supporter, showcasing her son’s achievements on social media. She has taken time off work to cheer him on at the prestigious Ally Pally and, through platforms like Sky Sports, expressed unwavering pride in his accomplishments.

Caitlin, Luke’s older sister, has chosen a more private path but remains a source of pride for the young dart player. Her occasional social media posts reflect the deep familial bond and celebration of Luke’s victories. Another brother, Harry, maintains a low profile akin to the family’s preference for privacy.

This tight-knit family unit extends beyond blood relations, with Eloise, Luke’s love interest, sharing his passion for darts. Alongside family, mentor and manager Martin Foulds contribute significantly to keeping Luke grounded professionally. With such a dedicated support system, Luke Littler’s journey in darts is not just an individual triumph but a collective celebration of family, love, and shared dreams.

Who is Caitlin Littler?

Caitlin Littler is the supportive older sister of rising darts talent Luke ‘The Nuke’ Littler. While Luke gains recognition for his achievements in darts, Caitlin keeps a low profile, avoiding the public spotlight. She often attends her brother’s tournaments and expresses immense pride in his success through social media posts.

Despite maintaining privacy about her own life, Caitlin actively shares moments of Luke’s victories, such as after his notable wins in the 2023/24 PDC World Darts Championship and Super Series. Alongside another brother named Harry, the Littler siblings value privacy, and Caitlin’s focus remains on championing Luke’s accomplishments.

Who is Luke Littler Sister? – FAQs

  1. Who is Caitlin Littler? Caitlin Littler is the older sister of darts player Luke ‘The Nuke’ Littler, actively supporting his career while maintaining a low public profile.
  2. What does Caitlin share on social media? Caitlin shares expressions of pride and excitement about her brother Luke’s darts victories, often posting messages and videos on platforms like Instagram.
  3. How old is Luke Littler? As of 2024, Luke Littler is 16 years old, born on January 21, 2007.
  4. What notable achievements does Luke Littler have in darts? Luke Littler is the current PDC World Youth Champion and made history as the youngest participant in the 2024 PDC World Darts Championship, breaking records for the highest average by a debutant.
  5. How private is the Littler family? The Littler family, including Caitlin, values privacy, and little is publicly known about their personal lives. They maintain a close-knit and supportive dynamic, focusing on celebrating Luke’s success in professional darts.

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