Who are Rohan Marley Parents? Know Meet Bob Marley and Janet Hunt!

Who are Rohan Marley Parents
Who are Rohan Marley Parents


Rohan Marley, a name that resonates with entrepreneurship, sports, and philanthropy, carries a legacy that extends beyond his individual achievements. Born into the illustrious Marley family, Rohan’s lineage traces back to the legendary reggae icon, Bob Marley, and his mother, Janet Hunt. Let’s delve deeper into the story of Rohan Marley’s parents and his remarkable journey.

Real Name Rohan Anthony Marley
Date of birth   19 May 1972
Age 51 years old
Height 173 cm, 5 feet 7 inches
Weight 93 kg (205 lbs)
Birth Place Kingston, Jamaica
Gender Male
Profession Jamaican entrepreneur and former college football and Canadian Football League player
Nationality Jamaican
Parents Bob Marley

Janet Hunt

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Rohan Marley’s Parentage

Rohan Marley’s lineage is illustrious, being the son of two notable individuals: Bob Marley, the iconic reggae artist, and Janet Hunt. Born on May 19, 1972, in Kingston, Jamaica, Rohan’s early life was marked by the dynamic environment created by his parents’ backgrounds.

Rohan Marley’s Early Life

Rohan’s upbringing was unique, shaped by the influence of both his mother and father. While he was primarily raised by his mother, Janet Hunt, after his father’s untimely demise in 1981, Rohan’s connection to Bob Marley’s legacy remained profound throughout his life.

Who is Rohan Marley?

Rohan Anthony Marley, born into a legacy of music and activism, forged his own path as a multifaceted individual. Beyond being the son of Bob Marley, Rohan distinguished himself as an entrepreneur, athlete, and philanthropist. His ventures spanned various industries, reflecting his diverse interests and talents.

Rohan Marley’s Family Life

Apart from his illustrious lineage, Rohan Marley’s family life includes his children, among whom are model Selah Marley, reggae artist YG Marley, and former NFL player Nico Marley. This familial bond underscores Rohan’s commitment to family values and legacy.

Rohan Marley’s Career

Marley Coffee Co-founder (2009)

In 2009, Rohan Marley co-founded Marley Coffee, embarking on a journey to promote organic coffee production and sustainable farming practices in Jamaica’s Blue Mountains. This venture not only highlighted his entrepreneurial spirit but also his dedication to environmental sustainability.

Public Listing as Jammin Java (2011)

The subsequent public listing of Marley Coffee as Jammin Java in 2011 marked a significant milestone in Rohan’s career, amplifying the brand’s reach and impact on the global market.

‘House of Marley’ Eco-Friendly Headphones (2011)

Expanding the Marley brand into consumer electronics, Rohan introduced the eco-friendly ‘House of Marley’ range of headphones in 2011. This initiative showcased his commitment to merging innovation with sustainability.

Involvement in Charitable Organizations

Rohan Marley’s philanthropic endeavors extend beyond business, as evidenced by his active involvement in charitable organizations like 1Love and contributions to the Tuff Gong Clothing Company. These initiatives underscore his commitment to giving back to communities and causes aligned with his values.

Appearance in Documentary Film

Rohan’s appearances in documentary films, such as “Motherland,” further highlight his engagement in creative projects and media, amplifying his influence beyond business endeavors.


In conclusion, Rohan Marley’s journey exemplifies the fusion of heritage, entrepreneurship, and social responsibility. As the son of Bob Marley and Janet Hunt, Rohan’s legacy is not only defined by his illustrious parentage but also by his individual accomplishments and contributions to various fields.

FAQs about Rohan Marley’s Parents

  1. Who are Rohan Marley’s Parents?
    Rohan Marley’s parents are Bob Marley and Janet Hunt, contributing to his unique heritage and upbringing.
  2. What is Rohan Marley known for?
    Rohan Marley is known for his roles as an entrepreneur, athlete, and philanthropist, carrying forward the legacy of his parents while carving his own path in various industries.
  3. What is Marley Coffee?
    Marley Coffee is an organic coffee production and sustainable farming business co-founded by Rohan Marley, reflecting his commitment to environmental sustainability and social responsibility.
  4. How did Rohan Marley expand the Marley brand?
    Rohan Marley expanded the Marley brand into consumer electronics by introducing the eco-friendly ‘House of Marley’ range of headphones and other audio products, showcasing his innovative approach to business.
  5. What charitable organizations is Rohan Marley involved in?
    Rohan Marley is actively involved in charitable organizations like 1Love and contributes to the Tuff Gong Clothing Company, demonstrating his dedication to giving back to communities and causes aligned with his values.

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