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Where Is Megyn Kelly Going For New Job

Many people are curious as to why Megyn Kel has resigned from Fox News. This article is for those interested in learning more about it. Follow us for more information and continue reading. The renowned personality has spoken out on Tucker Carlson leaving Fox News and Don Lemons leaving CNN. Megyn, 52, hosts a podcast and a talk show at Sirius XM.

What is Megyn’s new job location?

A 13-year career at Fox News ended in January 2017. Illinois-born Megyn Kelly appeared on Fox News from 2004 to 2017. There appears to be a misunderstanding. Kelly is currently making headlines, but not because she left the network. Instead, she is making headlines because of what she said about Tucker Carlson leaving the network. When discussing cable news, Megyn assumed that Tucker Carlson would launch a podcast or digital show.

The well-known television personality also hosted a popular show on NBC at 9pm. She moved to NBC instead of letting her contract be renewed, and then hosted a weekday morning talk show and a short lived Sunday night cable news program. After a poor viewing audience and controversy including her comment about blackface in an October 2018 show, she left NBC. In January 2019, the journalist left NBC with a $69 million payout. Kelly hosts a SiriusXM radio show and podcast, as we mentioned before.

After leaving Fox News, Kelly Megyn said she left because of all the toxic politics. She mentioned President Trump’s controversial tweet about her, as a confirmation that she wanted to leave the environment.

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