Where is Chuck Love Now? Are Ashley Scoggin and Chuck Love in a Relationship?

Where is Chuck Love Now
Where is Chuck Love Now


The departure of Chuck Love from the Nebraska women’s basketball program and the alleged relationship between him and Ashley Scoggin have sparked significant interest and speculation. This article aims to explore Chuck Love’s current whereabouts and shed light on the situation between him and Ashley Scoggin.

Chuck Love’s Departure from Nebraska Women’s Basketball Program

Chuck Love’s association with the Nebraska women’s basketball team ended abruptly due to a suspension followed by his resignation. The exact reasons behind his suspension were not disclosed publicly, as it was treated as a private personnel matter by the University of Nebraska.

Current Whereabouts of Chuck Love

Following his resignation, Chuck Love has chosen to keep his whereabouts and activities private. Despite speculations and inquiries, he has not provided any information regarding his current location or endeavors.

Who is Chuck Love?

Chuck Love served as the Associate Head Coach for the Nebraska women’s basketball program for six seasons, contributing to the team’s success and achievements in various tournaments.

Allegations and Legal Battle

Ashley Scoggin, a former player for the Nebraska women’s basketball team, has filed a lawsuit against Chuck Love, alleging a sexual relationship between them during her time at the university. The lawsuit also implicates other officials from the University of Nebraska.


Chuck Love’s whereabouts remain undisclosed, and his departure from the Nebraska women’s basketball program has sparked speculation. The legal battle between Chuck Love and Ashley Scoggin continues, highlighting the complexity of the situation.


  1. Where was Chuck Love last known to be? Chuck Love’s last known location was with the Nebraska women’s basketball program before his resignation.
  2. What has Chuck Love been doing since leaving the Nebraska women’s basketball program? Chuck Love’s activities since his departure from the program remain undisclosed.
  3. Has Chuck Love made any public statements about his resignation? Chuck Love has maintained privacy regarding his resignation and has not made any public statements.
  4. Are there any rumors about Chuck Love’s next career move? As of now, there are no rumors or confirmed reports about Chuck Love’s next career move.
  5. Is Chuck Love still involved in coaching basketball? It is unclear whether Chuck Love is still involved in coaching basketball or any other profession.

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