What happened between Criss Angel and Belinda?

The famous magician Criss Angel and Belinda were built with a partnership between 2016 and 2017 , however that which was really surprising was the truth that they confirmed their romance once the final break had place.

Belinda has unquestionably been associated with several boyfriends since she was 12 years of age, but certainly probably the most questionable was with Criss Angel, that there is even lawsuits and attorney. However all things have a rosy start.

Criss Angel and Belinda met once the Mexican visited among the magician’s shows in Vegas , later she made an appearance around the famous escapist and illusionist’s television program ‘Trick’d Up’ enabling you to clearly begin to see the chemistry that existed.

For any year both printed photographs on their own social systems where these were seen together as well as in which tender messages were exchanged. Even though the romance never was confirmed 100%, however the connection backward and forward was apparent, when there were even kisses!

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However the surprise arrived September 2017 when Criss confirmed his introduction to the connection Criss Angel and Belinda, this through his social networking by which he authored: “Do not pay attention to your heart, pay attention to your inner voice. I ought to have took in to her.”

Later Criss Angel published: ” Love doesn’t have a cost , honesty should always exist … That lesson require me to pay millions that enriched a real master of deceptiveness,” added the magician.

Criss Angel and Belinda’s tattoo

The connection between Criss Angel and Belinda had ended , however the Beli had created a mark around the magician not just in the center but additionally within the skin. Which is that before Criss Angel announced the birth of his children and also the go back to his former wife, the magician classified the Mexican actress being an “opportunistic and interested” lady.

Nevertheless, Criss Angel got the name “Beli” inked on his chest in cursive letters, once they were a few, this is where the supposed curse of Belinda tattoos was created.

If you question if Criss Angel continues to have this tattoo , the solution remains it’s possible to only speculate, because in 2019 as he promoted his show “Mindfreak”, he was seen shirtless and also the tattoo which was suspected was digitally removed didn’t have.

For September of the identical year, the illusionist shared an overview on Instagram together with his chest uncovered however the area in which the inked “Beli” was formerly was engrossed in a tape.

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So whether he continues to have it’s a real mystery because, additionally, the magician doesn’t share many photographs together with his chest uncovered. But who could your investment “torrid” romance of Criss Angel and Belinda.

Why did Criss Angel and Belinda split up?

Criss Angel and Belinda’s relationship ended also it was the magician who made several comments insinuating the Mexican actress and singer have been unfaithful which she was interested.

On her part, Belinda, who’s characterised by staying away from conflicts , responded easier to the sport elevated by Criss and didn’t discuss her ex’s messages until she once stated:

“I do not have anything bad to say of anybody, I’m a lady, I don’t speak badly of anyone”, an action that clearly the fans applauded.

Regrettably 2 yrs later, Criss Angel’s boy fell ill with cancer as he only agreed to be 18 several weeks old and it has since battled the condition.

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