The 100 Season 8: Why The Producers Decided To End The Series

The newest season from the 100 led to early October around the CW, as well as in various regions around the globe they’re still awaiting the episodes to reach around the platform. Which means that many viewers have arrived at the finish from the episodes and therefore are eagerly anticipating season 8 from the 100.

Individuals viewers is going to be deeply disappointed. The show won’t be coming back for season 8, meaning the brand new episodes on Netflix would be the final instances of the hit show. Actually, The 100 was canceled in August 2019, if this was announced the show would finish (very appropriately) after its 100th episode.

Based on a job interview using the show’s creator Jason Rothenberg, he and it is authors decided to finish the show after season 7 within the last many years.

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While there will not be a season 8 from the 100 on Netflix or even the CW, it isn’t really the final time we see the field of the show. The 100 Season 7, Episode 8, entitled “Anaconda,” acted not just like a flashback episode, but additionally like a pilot for any new prequel that may soon be visiting The CW, Cinemax Max, or Netflix (as Rothenberg told TVLine ).

Based on TVLine, the present working title of the prequel may be the 100: Second Beginning, and it might be set 2 yrs following the apocalyptic event that easily wiped out the majority of humanity (The 100 proper is placed a century later). It has additionally been teased the prequel would in addition have a flashback even earlier.

When requested by Collider why he was ending the initial series meanwhile, the showrunner stated that 100 episodes would be a lengthy time for you to tell the storyline of several figures.

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