Behind the Scenes of What We Discovered About Its Legitimacy has one of the lowest ratings on our chart. It’s very suspicious and genuine reviews are hard to come by. Let’s examine it and its industry. We analyzed 53 powerful factors to determine if is legitimate. If you already lost money to a scam, there are also trustworthy alternatives, a review, and what you can do.

Scam Detector’s algorithm ranks this business as follows:

1.6 out of 100

Below you can see why was rated low.

Shop at

We tried to extract a paragraph content from’s site to see what they say about themselves:

As a result, this website loses credibility and shows that its quality is questionable at the moment. As soon as they improve their backend, we will update this.

The section above may (or may not) disclose’s business, but its activities may extend beyond that.

Review of ranks 1.6 on the VLDTR® tool. This indicates that the business is Dubious. Very New. Suspicious.

This minimal rating is for a variety of reasons. Based on a formula that aggregates 53 factors relevant to’s industry, we calculated a rank of 1.6. In addition to customer service in its sector, the algorithm also considered domain authority (DA).

It is, however, important to note that the domain name was just registered a few days ago. This makes it difficult for a new website to start a business, promote its services, get clients to acquire, use, and then write reviews. All of this in a matter of days. That’s why the tags Dubious. New. Suspicious. were added.

We still gave the benefit of the doubt. We do that for every new business. However, our algorithm still generated the 1.6 based on other factors relevant to the industry. These include negative social media feedback and Alexa rank.

We also look for the following

To protect you from online fraud, we want all validations and reviews to be as accurate as possible. Feel free to comment.

As part of our VLDTR® algorithm, we analyze factors that efficiently analyze a business’s website, in this case We scan details that reveal important information about the organization’s professionalism, such as the way they charge, service, and sell.

According to our tool, this review and rating were generated based on influential factors. Scam or Legit?

If you had anything to do with this website, what rating would you give it? If you found it online, on Facebook, Instagram? You can help out many people today with your comment below. Is a scam? How would you rate it?

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