Top 10 Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas

Nowadays people are much more interested in living sustainable life. Some of us are even trying to take steps to live a zero-waste lifestyle. While everyone is making significant changes in their lifestyle, what’s harm is gifting eco-friendly items to our loved ones. It’s the small steps that we need to take towards reducing the waste. And, to support this cause, many manufacturers are making the items that create less waste. Of course you want to find that perfect gift, so rather than contributing to all the unnecessary waste, gift something that is worth. Taking the opportunity, we have enlisted some of the best sustainable gifts to choose from. So, become an environmentally conscious person, and buy a bunch of gifts that would do some good to the planet too.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products: If you know people in your friends or family who use cleaning products that contain harmful ingredients, gift them a set of natural cleaning products. There are many available in the market which you can buy. Moreover, if you know some DIYs, you can also make your own eco-friendly cleaning products. It is easy to make using some essential oils and store them in amber glass spray bottles.

Seed Cards: Usually, most of us give gifts to others with a thoughtful card. And yes we can say that a card is the most meaningful part of the gift. But, that card isn’t of any use; we just have to save it to re-read the messages. Sometime, it even ends up in the recycling bin. Yes, cards are lovable but we can’t keep moving with pounds of cards. So, isn’t it the best idea to gift a seed card. These cards are made from recycled post-consumer paper and it can be a great reminder of your celebration. You can gift these to any of your family and friends.

Seed Cards

Biodegradable Hair Ties: Hair ties are just little things that your sister, mother or girlfriend like to buy for themselves. But, how about giving these hair ties to them with additional twist. As a surprise, buy these plastic-free hair ties which could be a lifesaver for planet too. Normal drugstore hair ties are typically made from plastic, so it is a good idea to shift to certified organic cotton and natural rubber. Isn’t it a great gifting option?

Biodegradable Hair Ties

Sustainable Jewelry: Nothing can make women believe that you love her than a pair of dewdrop diamond earrings. So, why not shift to gifting a pair that is sustainable and ethically made. It is a great idea to gift a truly sustainable sparkle.

Sustainable Jewelry

Sunglasses: Let your friend escape the cold and snow this holiday season. Gift these sustainable sunglasses to your loved to flaunt while they relax on the beach. Buy these great yet classic pair of sunglasses that have biodegradable frames and come from unique materials such as wood and recycled aluminum.


Handmade Soaps: To the person in your life who loves the skincare, this is an ideal gift for them. Purchase these handmade soaps and apothecary goods which are designed to help women celebrate the native plants and culture. Choose from the collection of all-natural skincare that is effective and thoughtfully crafted.

Gaming Tables: Do you know a friend, who loves to play games. This birthday gift him/her something unique that are designed an eco-conscious “HempWood,” that is 20% stronger than oak. It is a solid alternative to wood and it also helps in fighting against deforestation.

Gaming Tables

Clothes from recycled fabric: Choose to gift your friends that the clothing items that are made entirely out of recycled material. There are brands that produce clothes by using most environmentally sustainable manufacturing methods. This holiday season gift your friends what they would really cherish.

Reusable Bowl Covers: No more using dirty plastic containers. Use these breathable cloth covers that will preserve everything. You can save your fruit salad to bread dough easily with them.

Reusable Bowl Covers

Reusable Shopping Bag: Get this designer reusable grocery shopping bag with up to zero-waste game. Made from recycled canvas, these make the best gifting option.

Reusable Shopping Bag