The Top 5 Animal Jewelry Pieces And Their Symbolic Meanings

Animal Jewelry Pieces

Animals have been a fascination for humans because of their beauty and simplicity. Their harmonious living with nature and the world around them is indeed inspiring for humans. Even intuitively, there’s so much to learn for us as humans from animals. This is why animals have been an integral part of our daily lives.

Animal-themed jewelry has been prevalent since the early evolution of mankind. Our forefathers have been wearing animal jewelry in some or other forms. Not only do these jewelry pieces spruce up the look, but many times have some meanings associated with them. For instance, dolphin-themed jewelry is a symbol of liveliness and playfulness, whereas butterfly jewelry represents optimism and eternal spring.

What’s more – people are subconsciously drawn to a piece of particular animal jewelry. This means they find a resemblance of their personality to some traits of that animal. All you have to do is observe and listen to your inner voice when picking animal jewelry. Above all, you should know what each animal jewelry represents or signifies.

In this blog, we have explained some of the most popular animal-inspired jewelry that you’d notice often around you. Read about them and see if your personality resonates with any of them.

Top Animal Jewelry And Their Meaning

Let’s learn about different types of animal jewelry and how they can enhance our personality.

1. Seahorse Jewelry

Ever intrigued by the peculiar equine shape of this amazing sea creature? Not only you, but most people love seahorses for their unique bodies and interesting qualities.

Sea horse jewelry is not new but has been prevalent since the ancient Greeks. They linked seahorses with the sea of Neptune. For them, this creature symbolized strength and power. Further, divers and the Torres Strait Islanders considered seahorses as an omen of good fortune. This is one of the main reasons why people prefer to buy seahorse jewelry these days.

Seahorses are extremely calm, which is why they symbolize calmness and meekness. Other meanings associated with seahorses are contentment, friendliness, and gentleness. These are one of the kindest sea creatures.

2. Whale Tail Jewelry

Men and women have been wearing whale tail jewelry pieces for a long time as these are believed to symbolize good luck and strength. It may be for this reason that celebrities like Meghan Markle are also deeply fascinated by whale tail jewelry.

Besides, the whale tail also represents brute power, agility, and speed. Further, the two lobes of the whale’s tail that unite to form its flukes symbolize unity. Some other meanings of whale tail include wisdom, protection, transformation, magnificence, and communication.

3. Butterfly Jewelry

Who doesn’t love graceful and beautiful butterflies? Carl Sagan once said, “We are like butterflies who flutter for a day and think it is forever.” Hence, these creatures are deep and powerful representations of life.

Butterflies are carefree, joyous, and magical, and people who choose butterfly-themed jewelry possess these traits too. Other meanings associated with butterflies are hope, endurance, change, and life.

4. Dolphin Jewelry

Playful and creative – as we all have known dolphins to be. If you are feeling low or upset,  a breaching or dancing dolphin can significantly change your mood in no time. No doubt, this sea creature is a wonder to watch.

Dolphins represent harmony as they avoid conflicts. Ever seen two dolphins fighting with each other? Hence, they live their life in complete peace and are fun-loving.

Giving a dolphin pendant or necklace to your loved ones is a great way to compliment their charisma and charm. It is also a great way to express your gratitude for the joy and happiness they add to your life.

Some of the meanings associated with dolphins are wisdom, joy, creativity, compassion, grace, and playfulness.

5. Owl Jewelry

Owls have been a mystery for centuries which is still unsolved. These animals are known to represent knowledge and mystery. Hence, owl jewelry is an excellent gift to somebody who is highly intelligent and wise. It is also ideal for “night owls” – people who follow a nocturnal lifestyle.

Owl amulets are perfect for holistic and purposeful individuals. One can keep an owl (amulet or any other jewelry piece) close if they go through learning something new. A professional taking some kind of training, a student, or even an individual aiming at self-growth will certainly benefit from their own talisman. Owl jewelry is said to help aspirants reach their goals faster and move up the career ladder.

Other meanings associated with an owl are judgment, wisdom, insight, and erudition. Do you resonate with any of these attributes of this attractive, self-sufficient, and mysterious bird?

Wrapping Up

Was that insightful? Now that you’ve read about some of the popular animal jewelry and their significance tell us which ones you are most drawn to. Once you get to know your spirit animal, look out for a jewelry store online and grab your animal charm to bring about positive transformations in life through them.

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