The Flash Season 7: Why the series avoids the truth about Ralph’s departure

Hartley Sawyer’s firing in the Flash evolved as the result of countless old, resurgent tweets which were racist and misogynistic. Since his character was really a person in the sprinter’s team, the show needed to rewrite the type, however it still eludes the large questions regarding Rob.

The final time Rob was seen physically was whenever a helmet covered his face as his face was still being healing. When Sue (Natalie Dreyfuss) and Rob Dibny left Central City to consider lower other Black Hole-like organizations all over the world, the previous came back within the other half of season 7 from the show.

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Although Sue referenced that Rob continues to be busy, there’s no real clarification on which he’s presently as much as. That begs the issue of why The Flash doesn’t address Ralph’s status and just what the way forward for the Electricity hero really appears like within the Arrow verse.

It comes down lower to some couple of things, beginning using the Sawyer debate, that is clearly something they would like to proceed to after this past year. Since his elastic forces permitted him to shapeshift, why don’t you just relaunch Rob Dibny? But given its large cast, it’s not easy to select another actor.

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If that were the situation, they most likely might have upgraded Sue as primary, as she seems inside a couple of places rather. Another step to consider would be that the show is centered on Craig Allen (Grant Gustin), not Elongated Man, so technically it normally won’t need to go on explaining where Rob is.

Additionally they do not have to resolve any unanswered questions simply because they gave Rob and Sue a brand new story that actually works off-screen. However, giving Rob that off-screen story arc enables The Flash or other Arrow verse show to recast Rob and produce him back.

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