Has Loki revealed the arrival of Silver Surfer to the MCU?

The films and number of Marvel Motion picture World They have a tendency to incorporate small details that does not only enrich making the planet that they develop more credible, but frequently function as coming of the following projects the study has going ahead.

Over the past episode of Loki, a location has made an appearance which has great relevance within the comics which some fans have construed like a clue from the imminent arrival of Silver Surfer within the MCU.

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At the outset of the 3rd chapter, Loki and Sylvie struggle until they fall via a time portal and appearance at first glance of the planet known as lamentis. Within the vignettes, This location is related to Annihilus, a vintage Fantastic Four villain, and particularly to some story arc by which Silver Surfer faces Galactus, a tale that Marvel Studios might have had its eye on previously, based on some rumors.

Included in the Fantastic Four world, Silver Surfer is among the superheroes whose film legal rights passed to Marvel Studios after purchasing Fox by Disney. Because this acquisition, there has been rumors about how exactly home of Ideas would integrate into its World both interstellar traveler and also the Fantastic Four, that it’s carefully related.

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Actually, some fans will recall the surfer for his appearance within the second Fox-created film of the number of superheroes, The Great Four and Silver Surfer of 2007, by which he was performed by Doug Johnson.

To uncover if the look of Lamentis is simply a mischievous wink or maybe it’ll have greater significance later on of marvel, fans will need to wait for a premiere from the 4th episode of Loki, on Disney from June 30.

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