The End We Start From Ending Explained: Wiki, Summary, Where to Watch and All Details Hear-

The End We Start From Ending Explained
The End We Start From Ending Explained

If you’ve watched “The End We Start From,” you might have some burning questions about its ending, want to know more about the storyline, or perhaps even find out where you can watch it online. In this article, we’ll delve into all these aspects and provide you with a comprehensive understanding of this thought-provoking film.

Introduction to “The End We Start From”

“The End We Start From” is a 2023 British survival film directed by Mahalia Belo and boasts an impressive cast, including Jodie Comer, Benedict Cumberbatch, Katherine Waterston, and Mark Strong. The screenplay, skillfully crafted by Alice Birch, is based on the novel of the same name by Megan Hunter.

The Plot

The story revolves around a woman, portrayed by the talented Jodie Comer, who, along with her family, faces the daunting challenges of an ecological disaster that has transformed parts of the UK into a hostile and uninhabitable environment. Seeking refuge in her husband’s family home, their situation takes a tragic turn as they suffer the loss of loved ones. The family embarks on a harrowing journey for survival, encountering numerous obstacles along the way.

The film’s 101-minute runtime effectively captures the slow and contemplative nature of the survival drama, building towards a rewarding climax. It delves deep into themes of loss, resilience, and the remarkable capacity of the human spirit to endure even in the face of adversity.

Premiere and Production

Premiering at the Toronto International Film Festival in September 2023, “The End We Start From” not only showcases the exceptional talents of its cast but also highlights the directorial prowess of Mahalia Belo. With a budget of £9 million, the film is a collaborative effort involving production companies such as SunnyMarch, Hera Pictures, Anton, BBC Film, BFI, and C2 Motion Picture Group. Its distribution is handled by Signature Entertainment. The film’s exploration of survival, human connection, and the significance of remembering the past makes it a compelling addition to the genre.

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The End We Start From Ending Explained

In “The End We Start From,” the central character, Woman (played by Jodie Comer), makes a poignant decision to leave the commune where she has sought refuge. She finds it challenging to fully embrace the new, sustainable way of life advocated by the commune’s leader. The story unfolds following an ecological disaster that has turned large parts of the UK into an inhospitable environment.

Accompanied by her son, Zeb, and her husband, R, Woman initially seeks refuge at R’s family home. However, tragedy strikes as R’s mother dies in an accident while searching for supplies, and his father dies by suicide shortly afterward.

The film’s narrative takes a closer look at Woman’s struggles as she grapples with these losses. It provides insight into her past life through flashbacks that reveal the origins of her romance with R. Woman is scolded by the commune’s leader for listening to a radio that provides updates about improving living conditions across the UK.

Despite forming a close bond with another young mother named O, Woman eventually decides to leave the commune after much contemplation. She embarks on a journey back to London, where she steals an unattended car left by a couple. In London, while still severely flooded, the environment is no longer entirely inhospitable. Woman eventually makes her way back to her damaged house, where she is reunited with R.

The decision to leave the commune becomes pivotal to the film’s narrative. It is through a conversation with a mysterious man, portrayed by Benedict Cumberbatch, that Woman realizes the importance of not disconnecting from reality and forgetting the past. She understands that it is essential to remember her old life and rebuild it with R, rather than isolating herself in the commune and starting anew. The film concludes with the family’s reunion, underscoring the theme of reconnecting with the past and rebuilding their lives.

Summary of “The End We Start From”

In “The End We Start From,” we witness the journey of a new mother and her baby as they navigate a world forever altered by an ecological crisis. The story unfolds in a flooded London, where the mother and baby must confront the harsh realities of their environment. Fleeing from their home, they embark on a perilous journey northward, driven by the need for safety and survival.

As they confront the challenges posed by the ecological crisis, the film delves into themes of resilience, adaptation, and the unbreakable bond between a mother and her child. The backdrop of a flooded London adds depth to the family’s struggle for a secure and sustainable life.

Set against the backdrop of a post-apocalyptic world, the characters encounter various obstacles in their quest for safety. The film’s simple yet emotionally charged narrative makes “The End We Start From” a poignant exploration of survival and the enduring strength of familial ties in the face of overwhelming adversity.

The Stellar Cast

Here’s a table listing the cast of “The End We Start From”:

Actor Role
Jodie Comer Woman
Benedict Cumberbatch Mysterious Man
Katherine Waterston O
Mark Strong R

Where to Watch “The End We Start From”

If you’re eager to watch “The End We Start From” and immerse yourself in its gripping narrative, here’s what you need to know. The film was initially released in theaters in New York and Los Angeles on December 8, 2023, and later in the UK on January 19, 2024. However, for those who prefer streaming, the film is expected to be available in spring or early summer 2024. You can likely find it on Paramount+, where monthly plans start at just $5.99. Keep an eye out for its digital release!


1. When was “The End We Start From” released in theaters?

“The End We Start From” made its theatrical debut in New York and Los Angeles on December 8, 2023, followed by a release in the UK on January 19, 2024.

2. Who plays the lead role in the film?

Jodie Comer takes on the lead role, portraying the character known as “Woman.”

3. What is the central theme of the movie?

The film centers around a new mother and her baby navigating a post-apocalyptic world following an ecological crisis that transforms parts of the UK.

4. What is the running time of “The End We Start From”?

The film has a runtime of 101 minutes.

5. Where can you likely stream “The End We Start From” after its theatrical release?

You can expect to stream “The End We Start From” in spring or early summer of 2024, most likely on Paramount+, with monthly plans starting at $5.99. Don’t miss this compelling film!

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