The biggest fashion change in And Just Like That has been revealed!

The Sex And Also The City reboot, Just Like That, may be two episodes in, but it has everybody speaking, in the dodgy way they described Samantha’s absence, towards the dying of the major character which brought to some Peloton advert (spoiler alert: don’t click the link should you haven’t viewed the very first episode).

Dramatic plotlines aside, there’s one factor everybody can agree with: the style is exquisite. Behind the show’s looks are Molly Rogers and Danny Santiago, who labored with SATC’s original costume designer, Patricia Fields, who couldn’t undertake this latest project since she’s busy focusing on the group of Emily in Paris.

Although they desired to stay in keeping with the original’s fabulous fashion, additionally they desired to adapt it to the current day, and also to Carrie, Charlotte now and Miranda’s 55-year-old’s personas – though take it easy, not really a drab outfit around the corner.

One major change they desired to make ended up being to be even bolder. Santiago told E!, ‘One factor we did wish to accomplish, due to the some time and appearing out of COVID, we would have liked to actually make things happy and vibrant enjoy yourself this way. I believe, contrary, you will notice more colour surprises.’

Therefore we can certainly expect fashion choices which are rather less depressing compared to storylines! Another big alter the costume designers made ended up being to source rising labels from Instagram, mixing all of them with the established designers we’ve come to anticipate from the show, including Manolo Blahnik and Oscar en Renta.

Rogers described the duo had a good time ‘finding new designers, finding new people, new accessories, and such things as that to include to their wardrobes’ after initially discovering it challenging: ‘what we thought could be daunting will be the stores that people loved which had closed, smaller sized stores and enormous stores like Century 21 that you simply literally resided for the reason that store whenever you did episodic television in New York’.

Obviously, additionally they desired to pay tribute towards the OG show, plus they were very lucky for the reason that Nicole Kidman archived lots of her original looks, which you will probably check this out season, including her studded belt and blue Manolo Blahnik wedding footwear in the first film along with a crimson sequin Fendi baguette.

‘She stored many of these beautiful pieces that individuals have a lot passion for. These pieces were essential they performed such important roles within the show and also the movies. The fans love this stuff. They’re like figures within the movie cheap she’s them, we thought, what a terrific way to drive them then back out again? That individuals will be capable of seeing and be thankful and like it and choose,’ Santiago added.