The dress code for meeting the Queen is super strict!

Should you thought the royals were built with a super strict dress code (they famously aren’t permitted to put on diamonds before 6pm, and should always travel having a black outfit), then wait ’til you hear what you need to put on if you’re ever invite to go to a celebration together.

Inside a video around the Royal Family’s Funnel online, Lucy Hume, Mind of Content at Debrett’s, described there a rigid rule you have to follow when meeting the Queen or other person in the royal family.

For instance, formal occasions need you to be outfitted to the nines, and not simply any party dress is going to do.

She explains, ‘You could be searching in a dress code like white-colored tie, which has similarities to black tie that we’d see around the red carpet however the bowtie is white-colored and contains a wing collar for males, as well as for that dress code women could be expected usually to put on a lengthy formal evening gown.

‘Black tie is really a shorter dinner jacket for males along with a black bow tie, women can put on a trouser suit or perhaps a dress wear. Therefore we come lower to lounge suit that is what you will know about putting on to work. After which smart casual.’

Should you be asked to Buckingham Palace throughout the day, you should put on something formal, although not as formal as black tie – something such as what you will put on to some wedding.

Not to mention, whatsoever moments you have to dress demurely. ‘There know occasions inside the formal social season, for instance Royal Ascot, that dictates that women’s dresses may come underneath the knee and shoulders covered,’ Lucy states.

You essentially shouldn’t be showing an excessive amount of skin, or ever put on anything casual in the existence of royals. Duly noted.