Stargate Universe Season 3: Is There A Possibility? Renewal Updates

  • Stargate World Season 2 Premiered Its Final Episode This Year.
  • Syfy’s series ended on May 9, 2011, having a great ‘cliffhanger’ within the episode ‘Gauntlet’ (2×20).

It’s been 10 years since Stargate World was stopped. However, many fans still desire a third season from the sci-fi series. We’ll now show you how high the probability is.

Stargate World: Little Expect Season 3

The cancellation of Stargate World is responsible for displeasure among many fans. The series had potential and particularly the cliffhanger from the last episode in season 2 left viewers wishing for additional episodes. However, on December 16, 2010, it had been announced the series have been completely stopped.

Why Was The Show Cancelled?

Stargate Universe’s low ratings were the only reason behind this decision, as confirmed by Syfy V . P . Craig Engler. The losses could have been excessive over time. The show’s actors were surprised at the sudden decision.

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Incidentally, the legal rights to Stargate World remain with Syfy. The truth that a TV follow up follows inside a couple of years isn’t impossible, but it’s most likely still within the stars.

Stargate World: Story Continues!

Even without Season 3, Stargate World continues to be ongoing by means of a picture novel since 2017. If you wish to understand what occur in Stargate World, you may still consider yourself lucky. Since June 28, 2017, there’s a picture novel series known as Stargate World: To Future, which informs the storyline. As many as six volumes have been printed by September 12, 2018.

The series follows on in the finish of season 2 and continues it directly. The very first amount of Stargate World: To Future follows Eli Wallace (performed by David Blue within the series), who awakens after ten days from stasis around the ship. There he meets Colonel Youthful (Louis Ferreira) and five antique-clad people: the brand new adventure begins. To date the comics are just obtainable in

If you’re a Stargate fan, Stargate Origins may be interesting for you personally too. This series can serve as the prequel and happens prior to the original 1994 film.

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