Skibidi Toilet 70 Release Date and Spoilers: Know All About the New Exciting Updates


Skibidi Toilet 70 Release Date and Spoilers

In this article, we’ll delve into the anticipated release date and thrilling spoilers for Skibidi Toilet Episode 70. Created by animator Alexey Gerasimov, Skibidi Toilet is a series of viral YouTube Shorts that has gained immense popularity on the DaFuq!?Boom! channel on YouTube.


Skibidi Toilet is not your typical YouTube series. It’s a quirky, surreal, and nonsensical world created by animator Alexey Gerasimov, using the Source Filmmaker tool. The series gained attention rapidly since its first upload on February 7, 2023, thanks to its bizarre and unique content.

The Whimsical Conflict

The central premise of Skibidi Toilet revolves around an eccentric conflict between two groups: the Skibidi Toilets and individuals with hardware for heads. Skibidi Toilets are disembodied heads residing inside moving toilets, and their bizarre way of defeat involves being flushed down. This absurd premise sets the stage for a series of comical interactions that are both strange and amusing.

Quick and Entertaining

What makes Skibidi Toilet stand out is its blend of outlandish visuals and short runtime. These shorts are known for their quick and entertaining delivery, making them easily consumable for online audiences. They embrace their nonsensical nature, creating a unique and memorable viewing experience.

Viral Sensation

Skibidi Toilet quickly amassed millions of views and became a meme sensation on platforms like YouTube and TikTok. Viewers were drawn to its eccentricity and humor, and it garnered a dedicated fan following. In June 2023, “DaFuq!?Boom!” claimed the title of the most viewed YouTube channel, thanks in large part to the success of “Skibidi Toilet.” This series exemplifies the power of internet culture and its ability to turn unconventional and offbeat content into viral sensations.

The Anticipated Release

Now, let’s talk about what fans are eagerly waiting for – the release date of Skibidi Toilet Episode 70. According to discussions within YouTube communities, the anticipated release date is around January 13th or 14th. However, there’s always a possibility of a delay, adding an element of uncertainty to the exact date. Fans are on the edge of their seats, hoping for an action-packed continuation of the Skibidi Toilet series.

Sneak Peeks and Spoilers

What’s even more exciting is the spoilers that have surfaced for Episode 70. Leaks from the Elite cameraman provide intriguing glimpses into the evolving conflict. The first leak reveals an upgraded Scabetti with advanced protective gear, rocket launchers, and mysterious circular pieces. The possibility of external battles near the main Scabetti bunker entrance suggests a dynamic shift in the storyline.

The blue flames emitted by a cameraman’s weapon, reminiscent of Team Fortress 2’s back burner, hint at potential connections between the Dafuk series and the Scabi Multiverse. The anticipation builds as fans await further leaks and details, eager to unravel the mysteries of the epic fight unfolding.

In the second leak, two cameramen stand near a Scabetti bunker entrance with a sign indicating “no smoking.” The presence of explosives and a potential trap laid by Scabi welders suggests strategic moves in preparation for the alliance forces. The differing camera lens upgrades between the two cameramen and the reference to toilet paper from a previous episode add layers to the complexity of the series.

The Unique Skibidi Toilet Experience

Skibidi Toilet is a series that doesn’t follow the conventional path of storytelling. Instead, it relies on visual humor, absurd scenarios, and bizarre character interactions to entertain its audience. While it may have started without a clear plot, it began to delve into its lore in later episodes, but its primary goal remains to entertain with its offbeat humor and visuals.

Meet the Characters

Skibidi Toilet introduces us to a range of quirky and surreal characters. The primary characters in the series include:

Skibidi Toilets: The titular characters of the series, Skibidi Toilets are portrayed as human-headed toilets. They are the central focus of the conflict and serve as both the protagonists and the source of much of the humor.

Humans with Unconventional Heads: These characters are the adversaries of the Skibidi Toilets. They have heads that resemble cameras, speakers, televisions, and other electronic devices. These unconventional heads add to the absurdity and humor of the series as they interact with the Skibidi Toilets in various comical ways.

Behind the Scenes

Skibidi Toilet is produced by Alexey Gerasimov, also known as “DaFuq!?Boom!” and “Blugray” on YouTube. He’s a self-taught animator who has been learning animation on his own since 2014. His use of Source Filmmaker software enables him to handle various aspects of production, including animation, direction, writing, and editing, independently.

Musical Touch

One notable aspect of Skibidi Toilet is its use of music, particularly the remix of popular songs as the theme song of the Skibidi Toilets. The popularity of this music was further enhanced by a TikTok dance video, adding to the internet meme status of the series.


In conclusion, Skibidi Toilet is a unique and surreal series known for its quirky character interactions and bizarre premise. While it may not follow a traditional plot structure, it keeps viewers entertained with its offbeat humor and visuals. With Episode 70 on the horizon, fans are eagerly awaiting the next dose of absurdity and excitement.


  1. When is Skibidi Toilet Episode 70 set to be released? The release date is expected to be around January 13th or 14th, as suggested by leaks and Dafuk’s indications in his official Discord channel. However, there is a chance of a delay, so fans should stay tuned for updates.
  2. Are there any spoilers available for Skibidi Toilet Episode 70? Leaks from Elite cameraman provide some intriguing details, including upgraded Scabetti with advanced gear and a potential external battle near the main bunker entrance. However, specific plot details remain undisclosed.
  3. How reliable are the release date predictions for Episode 70? The release date predictions are based on Dafuk’s announcements and leaks. While they provide a general timeframe, viewers should be aware that unforeseen circumstances might lead to a delay in the episode’s release.
  4. Will there be connections to the Scabi Multiverse in Episode 70? The leaks hint at possible connections, with references to Team Fortress 2 and the Scabi Multiverse. The blue flames from a cameraman’s weapon spark speculation about interconnections between the Dafuk series and other universes.
  5. How can fans stay updated on Episode 70 spoilers and release information? Fans can follow Dafuk’s official Discord channel and social media platforms for the latest announcements and leaks. Additionally, staying engaged with the Skibidi Toilet community and relevant online forums will provide real-time updates on Episode 70 developments.

Now, if you’re excited about the upcoming Skibidi Toilet Episode 70, remember to stay tuned for more updates and prepare for a wild ride into the surreal world of Skibidi Toilet! And as always, keep an eye out for unexpected twists and turns in this bizarre and entertaining series.

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