Seeking Sister Wife Which Couples Are Still Together? Seeking Sister Wife Season 5!

Seeking Sister Wife Which Couples Are Still Together
Seeking Sister Wife Which Couples Are Still Together


Seeking Sister Wife Season 5 premiered on March 4, captivating audiences with its exploration of polygamous relationships. As viewers eagerly tuned in to witness the challenges and triumphs faced by families navigating plural marriage dynamics, they were left wondering which couples from the show are still together. Let’s delve into the journey of these couples and discover where they stand today.

The Snowdens: Ashley and Dimitri

The Snowdens embarked on their polygamous journey with enthusiasm, courting Joselyn and Vanessa in previous seasons. However, their relationships faced turbulence, leading to eventual splits. Despite subsequent attempts with Tayler Middleton and Christeline Petersen, challenges persisted, ultimately resulting in Ashley confirming their breakup via Instagram in 2021.

The Brineys: Drew and April

After their appearance in season 1, Drew and April Briney parted ways, signaling the end of their time on the show. The family chose not to return for season 2 following their divorce.

The Alldredges: Jeff, Vanessa, and Sharis

Jeff, Vanessa, and Sharis navigated seasons 1 and 2, facing setbacks in their attempts to add new wives. Their journey took a turn in 2020 with the introduction of Donna and her daughter Evelyn. However, Jeff and Donna’s marriage concluded in 2021, marking a new chapter for the family.

The McGees: Bernie and Paige

Bernie McGee’s unexpected passing in 2019 brought their polygamous journey to a halt, marking the conclusion of their time on the show after season 2.

The Winder Family: Colton, Tami, and Sophie

Despite their efforts to add a third wife in previous seasons, the Winder family did not return for season 4, signaling the end of their journey on the show.

The Merrifields: Dannielle and Garrick

Dannielle and Garrick Merrifield legally divorced to pursue polygamy but faced difficulties with both Roberta and Lea, ending their relationships and journey on the show after season 4.

The Clarks: Jarod and Vanessa

Jarod and Vanessa Clark remained together after their appearance in season 3 but chose not to add another wife, opting out of returning for season 4.

The Joneses: Sidian and Tosha

Sidian and Tosha Jones pursued a relationship with Arielle in season 4, indicating a successful continuation of their polygamous lifestyle.

The Epps Family: Marcus and India

Despite unsuccessful relationships with Bina and Janae, Marcus and India Epps planned to marry, marking a positive outcome for their polygamous journey.

The Davis Family: Nick, April, and Jennifer

Nick, April, and Jennifer Davis welcomed Danielle as a third wife in season 4, navigating challenges in their relationship.

The Foleys: Steve and Brenda

Steve and Brenda Foley explored polygamy with April and Nina in season 4, indicating ongoing efforts to navigate their polygamous lifestyle.

Seeking Sister Wife Season 5 Release Date

The premiere of Seeking Sister Wife season 5 took place on March 4, introducing viewers to familiar faces and new additions. Among the newcomers were Becky and Justin Ryan, alongside Shane and Ashley Sherwood, and the Salahuddin family, each navigating the complexities of polygamous relationships.

How to Watch Seeking Sister Wife Season 5

Catch the premiere of Seeking Sister Wife season 5 on TLC, available for streaming on Max after its cable broadcast. Additionally, platforms like Amazon and Apple TV offer episodes for purchase, allowing fans to stay current with the weekly schedule.


Seeking Sister Wife continues to provide an intimate look into the lives of families exploring polygamous relationships. Despite the challenges faced by these couples, their journeys offer valuable insights into the complexities of plural marriages and the resilience of love.

Seeking Sister Wife: Which Couples are Still Together – FAQs

  1. When did Seeking Sister Wife Season 5 premiere?
    • Seeking Sister Wife Season 5 premiered on March 4 at 9 p.m. ET, showcasing both familiar and new families navigating plural marriage dynamics.
  2. Which families returned for Season 5?
    • Families like the Merrifields and the Davis family returned, alongside newcomers such as Becky and Justin Ryan and Shane and Ashley Sherwood.
  3. What challenges do the families face in Season 5?
    • Families encounter various challenges as they navigate the complexities of polygamous relationships, including courtship difficulties and emotional hurdles.
  4. What themes can viewers expect in Season 5?
    • Viewers can anticipate candid discussions, emotional moments, and insights into the realities of plural marriage, challenging perceptions and offering compelling storytelling.

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