Real Stats Of A Trending Topic and Their Impact

Trending topics on social media can keep us informed and entertained, covering everything from light hearted to worldwide news stories. Marketers have long understood the potential of these highly searched, highly trafficked terms as a method to reach a large and frequently untapped audience.

Going all in on these transient possibilities might be a risky gamble, but the benefits of getting the perfect post at the right moment can be just as alluring. At Buffer, focusing on popular topics has never really been a strategy. But recently, we were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to delve deeply into a subject close to our hearts that just so happened to be trending on Twitter.

Think ahead

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Increase importance, worth, or fun

  • You could randomly share a link to your product or blog post using every hashtag, but you probably wouldn’t have much fun or receive much positive feedback.
  • When posts on trending topics are pertinent, add value (for a newsier), or add humour or entertainment, they tend to receive the most response (for a more irreverent or silly topic).
  • To find a connection between the trending issue and your brand, you must first understand the context of the topic. The popular topic “Stephen Colbert:” is used by the Crazy Egg blog as an excellent illustration of various creative ways you could go about doing this.

Engage quickly

It tends to join the conversation as soon as it’s a hot issue you’re hoping to discuss. Our ##talkpay twitter probably helped from being posted relatively early in the day because it had plenty of time to gain traction and be seen by more people. Since many of our community members are aware of how crucial transparency is to us, they were the ones who first made us aware of the conversation in our situation.

Recruit your group

The fact that #Talkpay is natural for single people to share their honest travels in job and salary is one of the ways. Each member of the Buffer team has a unique tale regarding their previous employment and salary, even though we are all now transparent about one another’s current salaries. Many of them decided to share their stories using the hashtag.

Dig for content inspiration

You can still gain from them even if delving into a hot social media topic doesn’t seem like a good fit for your brand. They are a functional tool for gaining insight for content creators.

Topics trending on Twitter

Twitter automatically customises trends based on who follows you and where you are. Instead, you can select a specific Trends location to view Trends based on a geographic place. Twitter automatically directs you to the “top” posts on a topic once you’ve clicked on it. Toggle over to see every post on that subject.

Join for no cost

Trending topics reveal what people care about in the news and popular culture, what makes them laugh and rile them up. Language, sharing preferences, seasonal trends, and a lot more are just topics you can learn about.

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