Exposed: The Truth About and Its Suspicious Activities

Is legit? No. It has the lowest trust rating on our chart. Let’s take a closer look at it and its Shipping & Logistics industry. 53 powerful factors are used to expose high-risk activity and determine if is a scam. The article provides a review, alternatives to the product/service, and what you can do if you’ve already lost your money.

Based on the Scam Detector’s algorithm, this business ranks as follows:

0.5 out of 100

See below why is flagged. Shipping & Logistics

We tried extracting some content from’s admin page to see what they say about themselves. Here’s the result:

As a result, it loses credibility and shows that its quality is questionable at the moment. Once they improve their back-end, we will update this information.

The following is more information about

Review of

In the VLDTR® tool, has the absolute lowest rank on the platform: 0.50. This means that the business could be described as High-Risk. Phishing. Warning.

According to our rating, we believe that the site has a 0.50 rank according to a formula that aggregates 53 factors related to the Shipping & Logistics industry. Our algorithm detected high-risk activity related to phishing and spamming and other factors relevant to that industry. As a result, we’ve tagged the site with High-Risk. Phishing. Beware. tags.

In short, stay away from this website.

Additionally, we look for

For your protection against online fraud, we want all validations and reviews to be accurate. Our algorithm analyzes a company’s website efficiently, in this case When reviewing websites, we scan details that reveal vital information about the professionalism of this organization: spamming, how they charge, malware, service, sale, phishing, etc.

What do you think about

What led you to this company/page? Did you come across it through online ads, suspicious Facebook ads, Instagram, or email? Please comment below – we need to expose these scammers. If you had anything to do with, how would you rate it? Share your experience by leaving a review below.

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