Plum Goodness

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Get 100% Vegan Skincare Products With Plum Goodness Discount Coupons

Skin care makes up an important part of a healthy lifestyle. It helps in slowing down the aging process and make your skin fresh and glowing. But today in the name of skin care and personal care, most of the products in the market use artificial chemicals that are rather harmful for you in the long run. That’s why Plum, the first 100% vegan beauty brand in India has brought all the different personal care products made with natural ingredients and offers many different discount codes and coupons with which you can avail amazing discounts. 

About Plum Goodness

Despite being a fairly young brand in the cosmetics industry, Plum has managed to set itself apart from the biggies and created its own space. Plum was founded in July 2014 by Shankar Prasad, an alumnus of IIT Bombay and Indian School of Business Hyderabad and it is the first, if not the only beauty brand that is 100% vegan. Shankar says that being a vegan is difficult in the case of food but people have realized that one does not have to give anything up being a vegan in the case of personal care. They don’t have any whitening or fairness creams and any type of concealers as they believe that people look prettiest in the skin that they were born with. They only use natural ingredients without any artificial chemicals in their products. As Indians are getting more and more attracted to natural products, the brand will surely find a place in consumer’s choice set.

Products and Services

Plum offers a lot of different personal care products for all the needs of their customers including skin care, hair care, body care, makeup etc.

Their skin care products include face washes and cleansers, face scrubs, face moisturizers, face masks, face mists and toners, sunscreens, face oils, serum and specialists for all the skin concerns of different types of skin including normal skin, oily and acne prone skin, dry skin, sensitive skin and mature skin.

Their hair care products include shampoo, conditioner, hair mask and hair oil for hair concerns like chemically treated hair, dull and damaged hair, frizzy and dry hair.

Their body care products include shower gels, shower creams, body mists, body scrubs, body lotions, hand care and foot care for the different body concerns like body cleansing, exfoliation, moisturization, intense moisturization, hand moisturization and foot moisturization.

Their makeup products include kajal, makeup remover and lip balms.

Their products are made up of only natural ingredients like green tea, white & chamomile tea, macadamia, olive, avocado etc. You can check out their products on their website and avail maximum discounts using the plum goodness discount coupons. 

Plum Goodness Discount Coupons

You can save more at Plum by using different plum goodness discount codes and plum goodness vouchers that they offer. Some of the plum goodness promo codes include plum goodness discount code (up to 27% off on the hair care products), plum goodness discount coupon (flat 15% off on all products), plum goodness voucher (up to 22% off on makeup products), plum goodness promo codes (up to 25% off on skin care products) etc. You can maximize your savings by ordering your desired products in the plum goodness sale. For more information regarding discount offers and upcoming sale, you can visit their website 

Payment Options And Contact Details

Plum goodness accept payment through all the usual modes of payment including debit cards, credit cards net banking and different mobile wallets. For any concerns or queries you can contact them on 7506496604 or you can email them on . You can also follow them on their social media handles of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for information regarding the latest plum goodness discount codes and more.

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