Review 2023: The Best Site For Online Shoping!

Pidgul com Review

According To – Review 2023: Best store to shop from or pure scam? Check,  Are you thinking about ordering any of the goods available at To decide whether to proceed with your purchase or not, read this review all the way through before doing that.

Several products frequently advertise online that they offer the best services available. This is due to the fact that consumers are constantly looking for simpler ways to obtain high-quality services at a lower cost. As a result, one must thread carefully.

Regarding is an online business that claims to specialise in the selling of a range of goods, including a cutting board, soap box in the shape of a leaf, a kettle for making ice cubes, a fish skin scraper, and a scale peeler. According to reports, the company aims to offer things that are both of excellent quality and reasonable price. Their website lists as their email.

Does this shop appear to be legitimate? Definitely not! Continue reading to learn the store’s untold story.

We discovered 5 issues with

Here are a few of the questionable details we discovered about this store.

Untrustworthy owner

According to reports, Meledo Company Limited, whose headquarters is located at 4/4a Bloomsbury Square in London, United Kingdom, WC1A 2RP, is the owner of this store. The material listed above is, in fact, troubling. This business’s reputation is not good.

Other fraudulent stores are using the same company and address. Here are some comments made regarding this business. This further demonstrates how dangerous it is to shop with them. In order to avoid being conned, we typically encourage customers to buy goods from well-known companies whose authenticity has been confirmed.

Absurdly low discount

You can see that each of these things is being offered at a discount of up to 87% off by visiting their website. Additionally, all items will receive free shipping. The discount margin is quite astounding.

One method dodgy goods sellers try to entice clients to make a purchase as soon as feasible is to offer tantalising discounts. As a result, we caution our readers to exercise caution and due vigilance whenever they deal with stores like these.

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Negative internet reviews

Numerous unfavourable evaluations of this store on different third-party websites confirm that either things are not delivered or the deliveries are of poor quality. Obtaining a refund is hard because their email address is even inoperable. This demonstrates that the store we are working with is unreliable.

Newly established webpage

How long a website has been around is one of the things online buyers should watch out for. Unfortunately, is only recently registered as a domain. The registration was just made on February 19, 2023, and it will expire on February 19, 2024. This demonstrates the store’s lack of legitimacy. When making purchases or using services from a relatively small online retailer, consumers need to exercise caution.

Lacks a social media presence

This store isn’t even listed on any social networking websites. This does not reflect favourably on the shop. A reliable retailer ought to be accessible on at least one social media network.

Is a worthwhile investment?

NO is the answer! The best place to buy anything from this store is not here. It has a low trust score, unfavourable online reviews, and other warning signs that should not be disregarded. If you choose to purchase from them, they will take advantage of you and steal your hard-earned cash. Consequently, we do not support this online retailer. We’ve examined, Live-Outer, and PetPawPet in addition to these merchants.

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