Ozzi Mozzie Review: Legit or Hoax?

Ozzi Mozzie Review

We have all run into the issue where we open up the windows of our bedroom in a hot summer night, just to a bunch of mozzies invade our privacy and eat us alive when we’re just trying to have a peaceful night of sleep.

This forces us to choose between getting cooked alive in the hot and sultry summer air or being eaten alive by a storm of little flying needles hungry for our blood. A major headache if you ask me, but what else can you do?

The Ozzi Mozzie is a mosquito trap designed to deal with moments just like this. With an easy-to-use design and advanced UV technology, this device can provide you a force field against any mosquito.

How Does Ozzi Mozzie Work?

The Ozzi Mozzie works with its patented “flash beam” technology.

Unlike other UV devices, it emits the exact frequency of UV (365nM) combined with Co2 and heat, which works like a Mosquito magnet.

And because of its wide coverage, all the mosquitoes that would ordinarily be attracted to you and your family are drawn directly to the Ozzi Mozzie.

Once they are close, the device zaps them dead. Meaning a mozzie-free summer for you and your loved ones!

It is also very simple to use, you just need to charge the device with the included USB cable, press the button on the top, and leave the mosquito zapper wherever you need the mosquito-free zone

lamp and zapped dead

Online Customer Reviews

Different verified customers of the product expressed their satisfaction with this product, many saying the Ozzi met their expectations. In this section, you can see by yourself their experience with Ozzi Mozzie:

“We love it. Very efficient. My grandchildren are bitten by mossies so this is a wonderful device to have. I gave one to them for their house.” – Lilian T.


“We bought this and accidentally bought another, it’s the best mozzie Zapper we have owned.  It has dead Mozzies in it every morning, in our bedroom. We are looking forward to taking it camping with us up to the Cape.” – Nicholas G.


“We absolutely love it. We can’t believe it works so well” – Jacob B.


“Definitely works!! Wish I had brought the 3…” – Jayden A.


“My husband is so impressed with how well it works. Such a small device but very effective.” – Eric S.



What is Ozzi Mozzie?

Ozzi Mozzie is a powerful and portable Mosquito Zapper. It is perfect for mosquitoes, flies, and gnats.

Does Ozzi Mozzie ship worldwide?

Yes, they offer worldwide shipping with order tracking.

How does it work?

The secret is the smart UV technology. Unlike other mosquito devices, it emits the exact frequency of UV (368nM), as well as Co2 and heat which attracts mosquitoes towards the unit and away from you and your family. The electric coil then zaps the mosquitoes dead. It is 100% toxic-free.

How wide is the coverage?

The Ozzi Mozzie has up to 20 feet of coverage on a 360-degree radius, which means you don’t need to be close to the device for it to effectively work.

How long does a charge last?

A 60-minute charge will last up to 8 hours, giving you full night protection.

Is it safe for children and pets?

Yes – it’s incredibly safe. There is a layer of protection around the device making it completely “shockproof” and safe for children and pets. It is also chemical-free making it a safer alternative to sprays & repellents, that are filled with toxic chemicals.

Does it work on midges, fruit flies and sandflies?

The device works on a variety of phototaxic insects (attracted to light). This includes mosquitoes, gnats, moths, flies and also sandflies, midges, and fruit flies as well.

How do you clean the device?

Each device comes with its own handy brush to clean the device after using it.

Is there a guarantee?

Yes – each device comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee, so you can return the device and get a full money refund if you are not satisfied.

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