North Carolina Hickory Bridge [2022] A Men Died

A fatal accident that wiped out a guy traversing the New York Hickory Bridge is caused by a mistake in Gps navigation technology.

Have you considered this? A person from New York has died after he adopted an Gps navigation perfectly into a bridge that is not there. The bridge was destroyed over about ten years ago, the Gps navigation could prove its existence. The incident was reported to focus on the weaknesses in this particular Gps navigation system by citizens of the usa. U . s . States. The person from Hickory was while using Gps navigation and it was wiped out while crossing the New York Hickory Bridge. We’ll cover this incident extensively within this report.

Hickory Man Died While Walking across Hickory River

Our goal within this piece is to provide you with probably the most up-to-date info on the tragic accident that happened in Hickory. The person whom was located on the bridge was coming back home from his nine-year-old daughter’s special birthday. The man’s name was Philip John Paxson was driving more than a bridge , as you’re watching the Gps navigation nevertheless the bridge wasn’t there. Time it was about 11pm and also the lighting was dim.’

It’s a need to investigate background or even the event that brought to Hickory New York Bridge Collapse that was a tragedy in 2013. Following a washing away of the culvert and also the bridge collapsed, it wasn’t reconstructed since. Based on reports in media, citing the claims from family people Philip didn’t know concerning the bridge which was broken.

North Carolina Hickory Bridge Alicia Paxson, the wife from the deceased, has informed the press that whenever she visited the celebration, their two children were along with Philip. Once they came back she was with two kids, while Philip was by themself. One morning in October she woke up to locate that her husband wasn’t home.

the Probe in to the Accident in Hickory Bridge New York

A guy recognized as Jon Hopson saw the vehicle of Paxson inside a stream the morning of. He informed the press the everyone was devastated. They’ve been fighting for a long time to achieve the bridge fixed. It is because its northern border Carolinian Dot isn’t a good steward of maintaining the street. Despite multiple occurrences, there have been no barriers placed on the bridge to a minimum of anyone to realize that there isn’t a road ahead.


Paxson was employed being an health manager to have an leader in the industry in sales of devices. Following the collapse of bridge, which happened in 2013, it had been probably the most horrifying incident to possess happened around the New York Hickory Bridge. Additionally, it reveals the indifferent behavior from the government bodies , which should be addressed when it’s possible. To find out more, read New York Man Dies After Vehicle Accident inside a Bridge to Nowhere