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Mozambique Dam Wall Collapsing:- Mozambique is a country in South Africa that has been hard hit by flooding and cyclones over the past few years. The dams of the country have been stretched and, in some cases, failed, causing extensive damage and loss . This article will discuss the Mozambique Flood 2023 and the effects of dam wall failures in Mozambique.

Mozambique Dam Wall Has Collapsed Today:

The discharges from Cyclone Freddy caused by the Cahora Bassa Dam, Mozambique, were stopped on February 23, 2023. To prevent flooding downstream, the dam, which is Africa’s largest, had to stop discharges. The dam flooded, and the dam wall was under pressure. The dam wall fell on March 1, 2023, resulting in widespread destruction and loss of lives.

The Cahora Bassa Dam wall’s collapse was not the first Mozambique dam to fail. One person was killed and 40 others were injured when a South African mine dam wall fell on January 20, 2023.

Mozambique Flood 2023:

Cyclone Freddy caused the Mozambique Flood 2023. It struck Mozambique February 22, 2023. Cyclone Freddy brought heavy rains with strong winds to Mozambique, causing flooding and other damage. More than 160,000 people have been affected by the floods. Flooding has also caused infrastructure damage, including roads and bridges, and many people were forced to flee their homes.

The failure of dam walls in the country has exacerbated the Mozambique Flood of 2023. The Cahora Bassa Dam wall’s collapse has caused more flooding downstream, thereby exacerbating its impact on the cyclone.

Dam Wall Breaking In Mozambique:

Mozambique’s dam walls collapsing is not an uncommon phenomenon. The Cabora Bassa Dam wall was also vulnerable to collapse in 2019 due to heavy rainfalls. The dam is located on the Zambezi River which runs through Mozambique. The dam supplies hydroelectric power to both Mozambique and Zambia, and is an important source of electricity.

Experts warn that Mozambique’s dams could fail due to poor maintenance. Recent dam collapses highlight the need to take immediate action to avoid future disasters.


  • What caused the collapse of the Mozambique dam wall?

Cahora Bassa Dam wall collapsed due to pressure from suspended discharges.

  • How many people were affected by the Mozambique Flood 2023?

More than 160,000 people were affected by the floods.

  • What’s the reason for the rash of Mozambique dam failures?

Experts have identified poor maintenance and lack of investment as the main causes of dam failures.

  • What is the importance of Mozambique’s dams for its energy needs?

Mozambique needs the dams to provide hydroelectric power.

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