Luis Silva traveling with his family (2022)

Luis Silva, the Cuban comedian who plays Pánfilo within the popular series Vivir del Cuento, traveled to Miami this Saturday together with his wife and 2 children.

This news immediately sparked speculation concerning the causes of Silva’s visit, that has formerly traveled towards the U . s . States in the organization of his relatives.

The truth that this time around the actor is supported by his whole family made many suspect the intentions from the trip.

Luis Silva is to Miami for any walk and shopping on previous journeys, the existence of all family people within this city makes many believe that this occasion appears a lot more like a migratory trip.

CiberCuba confirmed with close sources that they’re indeed in Miami, however for a stroll and shopping, just like he’s done on previous journeys. This newsroom attempted to make contact with Silva, but, during the time of publishing this note, hasn’t received an answer in the humorist.

Sources reported by Cuballama established that the actor and the family showed up in Miami after 10:00 am this Saturday with an American Airlines flight. On his social systems, the Cuban hasn’t made any statement to date.

Meanwhile, around the systems, his compatriots speculate and almost become complacent that Silva will remain within the U . s . States. Additionally towards the trip with everyone, many indicate the friendship the comedian maintains with Andy Vázquez and Omar Franco, actors who belonged towards the cast of Vivir del Cuento who presently live in Miami.

Vázquez and Franco maintain close communication and friendship with Silva and all of those other cast that resides in Cuba, but they haven’t yet commented on the appearance of his friend in Miami.

The most popular series that elevated Silva and clients are also adopted by many people Cubans who reside in Miami along with other metropolitan areas all over the world.

Luis Silva After 48 hrs from the historic 11J protests in Cuba, Silva requested on his social systems there not be any repression or beatings in Cuba which the ideas of everybody around the island be respected.

“No repression. No beatings. I would like peace and success for those Cubans. May everyone’s ideas be respected. Everybody!” the Cuban humorist authored on Instagram.

“My position will be exactly the same, along the side of the Cuban people. What, since i have was created, I see work pass and pass (FOR EVERYTHING, Even Going To Bring Your CHILDREN For Any WALK). Existence is a and incredibly short “, he concluded.