Know How To Download All WhatsApp Videos?

These details explains WhatsApp’s automatic video download feature, including the simplest way to enable it, where to find downloaded videos, and ways to proceed for old WhatsApp videos that aren’t inside the Photos application.

These steps work everywhere you should employ WhatsApp, including in your phone and computer.

The Simplest Way To Save Video From WhatsApp

Saving WhatsApp downloading is a lot more straightforward if you’re while using the desktop or web version. Individuals directions will be in the final outcome inside the page, but let’s see the intricacies inside the mobile application first:

Mobile Application

You’ve probably observed that you just can’t just hold your finger lower across the video to discover a download or save option. Rather, instantly, all incoming media is quickly saved for your dental appliance accessible much like any video you’d take yourself: within the Photos application.

So, the first step to complete is ensure auto-installing is enabled:

  • Go the WhatsApp’s primary screen where all your conversations are listed, and utilize the three-dotted menu button in the pinnacle to select Settings.
  • Select Storage and understanding.
  • Tap certainly one of individuals options and make certain that Videos is selected:
  1. When you use mobile data
  2. When connected on Wi-Fi
  3. When roaming

For example, to own videos instantly saved for your device when you use mobile data, tap the very first option and make sure there’s a checkmark alongside Videos.

Tap Okay in order to save, then in the settings to return to your chats.

The following factor would be to make certain that lately downloaded videos tend inside your phone’s gallery. Return to the settings like everyone else did in step one above, however, now choose Chats. Inside, tap the button alongside Media visibility. Which is what enables the WhatsApp video folder inside the Photos application.

WhatsApp chat settings.

When setting remains on all along, great. Open your phone’s Photos application to look into the the one that states WhatsApp. All videos sent to you through the approval that have been not deleted are visible there.

The caveat here’s you won’t realize that video folder once the videos were sent while “Media visibility” was disabled. Basically, enabling that option applies only to new videos you receive ones sent to you if you switched it on.

Finding Older WhatsApp Videos

So, for individuals who’ve older videos that you just still can’t see inside the gallery (which are not yet deleted), the simplest way to uncover their location is by using data browser.

  • If you’re on Android, for example, use Google’s Files application:
  • Install Files without configuring it.
  • Open it up up up up and tap Internal storage close to the bottom.
  • Visit WhatsApp > Media > WhatsApp Video > Private.
  • Google Files Android application showing WhatsApp video downloads.

When the media visibility option in WhatsApp is disabled, brand-new videos instantly type in the Private folder. When enabled, brand-new videos instantly enter WhatsApp Video. If you want to determine every video inside the Photos application, move them from Private to WhatsApp downloading.

Tap videos to discover it, or utilize the menu to complete things like share or delete it, or open it up up in the different application, relabel it, move it, etc.

Didn’t find out the recording you preferred? Realizing it wasn’t deleted, it might be a standing video. Locating individuals takes the identical steps as above, but at next thing, choose .Statuses. To discover that folder, you have to first type in the settings of Files and let Show hidden files.

WhatsApp Web & Desktop

Saving videos for your computer using WhatsApp Web or even the desktop application might be a much easier process.

Open WhatsApp Web or even the desktop program, and select the conversation that has it you have to download.

  • Using WhatsApp Web and WhatsApp on your computer
  • Choose the video to start it.
  • Utilize the download button in the pinnacle to purchase it.
  • video download button in WhatsApp Web.

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