Know All About Groupme Scams 2022

The guide shares specifics of the completely new Groupme Ipad Pro Champion Scam to alert others and them protected.

Considering themselves since the recognizable and reputed companies, online fraudsters and scammers lure customers within the united states . States to click phishing links, intending to steal card details and information.

The phishing links inside the text and emails lead to fraud survey pages that offer pricey gifts like iPhone and iPad Pro Tablet. But, you should not are taken in by these scam texts and phishing links.

Recently, a completely new Groupme Ipad Pro Champion Scam remains circulating on the web and social media, intending to steal the non-public and username and passwords for you.

Presenting GroupMe

GroupMe could be the innovative mobile group messaging application managed by Microsoft Corporation. The crowd messaging application premiered this season having a private company referred to as GroupMe.

By 2011, the crowd messaging application delivered more than 100 million messages monthly, as well as the number elevated to 550 million monthly by 2012. Today, the messaging application has over 12 million users worldwide.

It’s headquartered in New You’ll be able to, the united states . States, as well as the key individuals the business are Jared Hecht, Steve Martocci, as well as the company’s parent firm is Skype Technologies.

What’s Groupme Ipad Pro Champion Scam?

Groupme Scams could be the new fake message scam sent to the people that use group messaging application. The scammers are delivering emails and texts which contains phishing links, and since you follow the link, they are redirected with a fake survey page. It claims to own iPad Pro Tab approaching effective finishing the web survey.

However, they have to have a web-based survey and finished it effectively. Furthermore, users have to pay a delivery charge that they need to share their details and bank card details, that is where the Groupme Ipad Pro Champion Scam starts.

Scammers urge you to definitely accomplish notebook and share their personal and bank card details. Consequently, the scammers steal individuals details and misuse them later.

How Can the Scam Work?

The scam happens via emails, texts, and communication services like GroupMe.

The scammers send scam texts with phishing links and claim they can offer pricey gifts upon finishing an internet-based survey.

Since the user clicks the web link, the Groupme Ipad Pro Champion Scam starts since they’re redirected for the fake survey page where they have to undertake notebook.

After finishing notebook, they are announced since the iPad Pro Tab champion, and to get it delivered to their doorstep, users have to pay the delivery charges using bank card details.

So, the scammers note these personal and card details to misuse them later without any owner’s consent.


There are numerous reviews available which confirm that it is scam. Scammers are requesting money less than $2 and stating that it is the delivery charge for your product. However, you should not come under the Groupme Ipad Pro Champion Scam and share any details.

Based on these reviews, scammers target different people that use message application and send messages from ID that pretends to get from GroupMe.

The best way to Report the Scam?

If you want to remain shielded from such scams, then ensure to report it for the Federal trade commission. Besides, you need to acquire helpful easy methods to Safeguard Yourself in the Scam.


The Groupme Ipad Pro Champion Scam is circulating on the web, and you also must report it immediately to alert others in regards to the scam. You should not click any suspicious links you get via text and emails within the GroupMe.

Maybe you have received such scam emails or texts? Then, please share how you reported the scams inside the comment section.