Is there any way to restore deleted posts on Facebook?

This informative article explains some approaches for recovering deleted Facebook posts, even though deleting Facebook content removes it from your device, application, and Facebook servers.

Use Facebook’s Manage Activity Feature

If you are using the Facebook mobile app’s Manage Activity feature to delete a publish, you’ll be able to retrieve it for roughly four weeks. This can not work in the event you delete a publish out of your newsfeed, however. This functionality is presently available only round the Facebook mobile application.

Here’s using Manage Activity to delete then recover a deleted post.

  1. Navigate for the Facebook profile page round the Facebook mobile application and tap More (three dots).
  2. Tap Activity Log.
  3. Tap Manage Activity.
  4. Tap You.
  5. To delete a publish, tap to choose it then tap Trash.
  6. Tap Go to Trash. Your publish remains deleted from your timeline and gone after Trash in Manage Activity.
  7. To retrieve the publish you just deleted, navigate to More > Activity Log, then tap Trash within the top menu.
  8. You will notice any posts deleted previously four weeks via Manage Activity. Tap a publish you have to recover then tap Restore.
  9. Select Restore to ensure. The publish remains restored for the timeline.

If you’re switching to a new device, Facebook posts, media, or messages will instantly be around whenever you download the Facebook application inside your new oral appliance register.

Cancel Your Facebook Account Deletion

In the event you delete all of your Facebook account, you’ve also deleted all of your Facebook posts and media. In the event you convince you and would like to salvage your posts, you’ve four weeks to undo the deletion process.

To cancel, register for the Facebook account with the mobile application or possibly a web browser within four weeks of initiation, then select Cancel Deletion.

You can’t recover a deleted post on Facebook account in the event you started the deletion process more than four weeks ago.

Approaches for Finding Deleted Facebook Posts

In situation your deleted posts have remaining and unrecoverable via Facebook, listed here are a couple of workaround methods for try:

Uncover the initial publish

In the event you shared then deleted a fascinating or interesting publish someone else created, try tracking lower the first content. Use Facebook’s search function or get a Search using keywords within the post’s text or perhaps the title from the site connected with inside the original publish.

Review your emails

In the event you enabled Facebook push notifications for many posts, you may have a replica in the publish you are looking for inside an email within your inbox. If you are in a position to remember a couple of from the exact text within the publish, try an inbox search. Otherwise, browse for your word “Facebook.”

Review your friends’ emails

Numerous your Facebook buddies with email notifications enabled may have received notifications referencing your publish, particularly if they’re stated or tagged. Ask your friends to appear their inbox for your deleted publish you are looking for.

Where to find Deleted Facebook Messenger Posts

In the event you delete messages on Facebook Messenger, the data deletion is permanent and cannot be united nations-tied.

However, even if you have deleted your side in the conversation, it could remain for other conversation participants. You can keep them search for the conversation then copy the writing and photographs in to a new message or email. Or, you can keep them hand back a screenshot picture from the chat’s contents.


How can you find old posts on Facebook?

If you’re searching for any specific old publish, try trying to find a keyword or phrase you remember within the publish. Inside the search field, type the first search term and select Posts under Filters.

How can you find saved posts on Facebook?

Visit your saved Facebook posts section. Or, select Menu > Saved. You will notice all the posts, videos, and photos held on afterwards.

How can you schedule posts on Facebook?

To schedule posts on Facebook for just about any Group, visit Groups > New Message > Schedule. For just about any Page, visit Publishing Tools > Create Publish > Schedule Publish > Save. You cannot schedule posts web hosting account posts.

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