Is The Warriors Game Cancelled? What happened to Coach Milojević that led to the game cancellation?

Is The Warriors Game Cancelled
Is The Warriors Game Cancelled

The Golden State Warriors’ game against the Utah Jazz on January 17, 2024, faced a cancellation due to a medical emergency involving assistant coach Dejan Milojević. The NBA announced the postponement, citing a ‘medical emergency in the Warriors family’ without specifying details.

The Unexpected Cancellation

It was later revealed that Milojević, a Serbian coach, suffered a serious health issue at a Salt Lake City restaurant, leading to hospitalization. This incident prompted the league to reschedule the game, with the new date awaiting announcement.

Confusion Among Fans

The postponement stirred confusion among fans, given the competitive context, as the Warriors, led by coach Steve Kerr, aimed to enhance their standing in the Western Conference.

Details Surrounding the Incident

NBA insider Adrian Wojnarowski shared that Milojević’s health emergency occurred during a private team dinner preceding the game. Despite the Warriors being present at the time, no further updates on Milojević’s condition were provided, and the rescheduled game is expected once clarity on the situation emerges.

Remembering Dejan Milojević

Dejan Milojević, affiliated with the Warriors since 2021, had an illustrious playing career, winning championships in European competitions. The sudden death of Milojević was later confirmed by the NBA, leading to an official statement from Commissioner Adam Silver expressing condolences.

The league highlighted Milojević’s accomplishments, including the 2022 NBA championship and his impactful coaching career. As fans await the rescheduled game date, the basketball community mourns the loss of a beloved coach, and heartfelt condolences go out to Milojević’s family and the Warriors organization.


In times of unforeseen events, the world of sports can take unexpected turns. The cancellation of the Warriors’ game against the Jazz serves as a poignant reminder of the fragility of life and the importance of coming together as a community during challenging moments. As we await further updates on the rescheduled game, our thoughts and prayers are with the Milojević family and the Golden State Warriors.

Is The Warriors Game Cancelled – FAQs

1. Why was the Warriors game against the Utah Jazz canceled?

The game was canceled due to a medical emergency involving Warriors assistant coach Dejan Milojević.

2. What happened to Coach Milojević that led to the game cancellation?

Coach Milojević suffered a serious health emergency at a restaurant in Salt Lake City on the night before the scheduled game.

3. Is there any information about Coach Milojević’s current condition?

As of now, there are no further updates on Milojević’s condition following the medical emergency.

4. When will the rescheduled date for the Warriors vs. Jazz game be announced?

The NBA has not specified a rescheduled date yet; updates on the new game date are expected at a later time.

5. How long has Coach Milojević been with the Golden State Warriors?

Coach Milojević joined the Warriors in 2021 as an assistant coach and had a successful playing career before transitioning to coaching.

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