Is Nick Kyrgios Girlfriend Costeen Hatzi Pregnant? Who is Costeen Hatzi? Insights into Their Relationship!

Is Nick Kyrgios Girlfriend Costeen Hatzi Pregnant

In a recent Instagram post, Australian tennis star Nick Kyrgios and his girlfriend Costeen Hatzi sparked pregnancy rumors when they shared a New Year’s Eve portrait. The photo showed Nick, 28, placing a hand on 23-year-old Costeen’s tummy, leading fans to speculate about a potential baby announcement. The ambiguous caption fueled speculation, with some fans directly asking if Costeen was pregnant, while others interpreted Nick’s hand placement as a subtle hint. However, after several minutes of suspense, Costeen addressed the speculation in the comments, confirming that they are not expecting a child at the moment.

The Relationship Journey

Despite the pregnancy rumors, Nick and Costeen, who have been dating since December 2021, have previously discussed the possibility of having children. In a May 2023 interview, Nick referred to Costeen as “the one” and expressed his love and admiration for her. While the couple acknowledged going through ups and downs, Nick emphasized that Costeen is his best friend and a tremendous support. Although they are not expecting a child presently, their relationship continues to thrive, and they are enjoying their life together in a luxurious $1.6 million penthouse in Sydney’s Kensington.

Nick Kyrgios and Costeen Hatzi Relationship

Nick Kyrgios and Costeen Hatzi’s relationship has been a subject of public interest, yet the couple has chosen to keep some aspects of their journey private. The pair is believed to have crossed paths during a night out in Sydney in November 2021, where the initial sparks of their romance ignited. Gradually, Kyrgios and Hatzi stayed in touch and transitioned from acquaintances to a couple, officially confirming their relationship shortly after.

Before Costeen Hatzi, Nick Kyrgios had notable relationships, including one with tennis player Ajla Tomljanovic from 2017 to 2018. Following this, he was in a relationship with Chiara Passari in 2020, a union that ended on less-than-amicable terms, marked by legal accusations. However, Kyrgios found a new chapter of happiness with Hatzi, publicly revealing their relationship in December 2021.

Their love story has unfolded on social media, with both Kyrgios and Hatzi frequently sharing glimpses of their affection for each other. Despite the challenges in Kyrgios’s personal life, including legal matters with his previous partner, his relationship with Hatzi appears to have played a positive role in his career. The tennis star experienced a career-best season in 2022, suggesting that his newfound happiness has contributed to his success on the court.

Who is Nick Kyrgios?

Nick Kyrgios is an accomplished Australian professional tennis player known for his dynamic and entertaining style on the court. Achieving a career-high ATP singles ranking of world No. 13 on October 24, 2016, Kyrgios has secured seven ATP Tour singles titles, including victories at the 2019 and 2022 Washington Open.

His remarkable career includes reaching major finals, such as the 2022 Wimbledon Championships and a Masters 1000 final at the 2017 Cincinnati Masters. In doubles, Kyrgios achieved a career-high ranking of world No. 11 on November 7, 2022, winning a major doubles title at the 2022 Australian Open and reaching the semifinals of the Miami Open alongside partner Thanasi Kokkinakis. Known for his controversial yet entertaining style of play, Kyrgios has made headlines for his on-court antics, including outspoken remarks and dramatic displays.

Specifications Details
Name Nick Kyrgios
Gender Male
Profession Professional Tennis Player
Date of Birth April 27, 1995
Place of Birth Canberra, Australia
Age 28
Parents George Kyrgios and Norlaila (
Marital Status Unmarried
Girlfriend Costeen Hatzi
Children None

In addition to his professional success, Nick Kyrgios made a mark in his junior career by winning the singles event at the 2013 Australian Open and securing doubles victories at the 2012 French Open, 2012 Wimbledon Championships, and 2013 Wimbledon Championships. Notably, Kyrgios holds the distinction of being the third player, following Dominik Hrbatý and Lleyton Hewitt, to defeat each member of the Big Three (Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer, and Rafael Nadal) the first time he played against them. His unique blend of skill and controversy has contributed to his status as a captivating and polarizing figure in the world of professional tennis.

Who is Costeen Hatzi?

Costeen Hatzipourganis is a notable figure, known for her roles as a blogger and social media influencer. With a substantial fan following, she earned recognition as one of the most influential women in Australia in 2022, securing the 21st position on the list. Notably, her ranking surpassed that of well-established personalities, including pop icon Kylie Minogue and movie star Elizabeth Debicki.

As the current partner of tennis star Nick Kyrgios, Costeen Hatzipourganis is frequently seen supporting him during matches. Her positive influence on Kyrgios has been evident, and her presence in the stands has become a familiar sight for fans. Beyond her relationship with Kyrgios, Hatzipourganis continues to make waves in the digital realm, showcasing her influence and impact in the realms of blogging and social media.

Nick Kyrgios Family and Early Life

Nick Kyrgios, born on April 27, 1995, in Canberra, Australia, comes from a diverse background. His father, George, is of Greek origin and works as a self-employed house painter, while his mother, Norlaila (“Nill”), hails from Malaysia and is a computer engineer. Norlaila was born into the Selangor royal family but relinquished her title as a princess when she moved to Australia in her twenties. Kyrgios has an older sister, Halimah, involved in dance and musical theatre, and a brother, Christos, who works as a fitness trainer.

Growing up, Kyrgios attended Radford College until Year 8 and completed his Year 12 certificate in 2012 at Daramalan College in Canberra. Initially involved in basketball during his early teens, Kyrgios made the pivotal decision to focus exclusively on tennis at the age of 14. He later received a full scholarship at the Australian Institute of Sport, where he honed his tennis skills. In 2013, Kyrgios moved his training base from Canberra to Melbourne Park for better facilities and hitting partners, indicating his commitment to advancing his tennis career. Despite his relocation, he remained connected to his hometown, contributing $10,000 towards the redevelopment of the Lyneham Tennis Centre in Canberra.

Costeen Hatzi Family and Early Life

Costeen Hatzipourganis is known for maintaining a private stance on her family background, parents, and siblings, and these details have not been disclosed publicly. The social media influencer values her privacy in these aspects of her life. Currently residing in Sydney, Australia, with her partner Nick Kyrgios, Hatzipourganis has chosen to keep personal family information away from the public eye.

In terms of her education, Costeen Hatzipourganis graduated in May 2021 from the Australian Catholic University, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in psychological sciences. While details about her early life and family remain undisclosed, her focus on maintaining a private life allows her to navigate her personal and professional pursuits with a degree of discretion.

Is Nick Kyrgios Girlfriend Costeen Hatzi Pregnant – FAQs

  1. Is Costeen Hatzi pregnant?
    • No, Costeen Hatzi addressed speculation and confirmed in the comments of a recent Instagram post that she and Nick Kyrgios are not expecting a child at the moment.
  2. Why did fans speculate that Costeen Hatzi might be pregnant?
    • Fans speculated about Costeen Hatzi’s pregnancy after a New Year’s Eve photo on Instagram showed Nick Kyrgios placing a hand on her tummy, coupled with an ambiguous caption.
  3. Have Nick Kyrgios and Costeen Hatzi talked about having children in the future?
    • Yes, Nick Kyrgios mentioned in a previous interview that Costeen is “the one,” expressing his love for her. While they have spoken about the possibility of children, they are not expecting at this time.
  4. What is Costeen Hatzi’s response to pregnancy rumors?
    • Costeen Hatzi addressed the pregnancy speculation in the comments, clarifying that she and Nick Kyrgios are not expecting a child yet.
  5. How long have Nick Kyrgios and Costeen Hatzi been in a relationship?
    • Nick Kyrgios and Costeen Hatzi have been dating since December 2021, and they made their relationship public in December of that year after Kyrgios’ split with his previous girlfriend, Chiara Passari.

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