Is Kevin Von Erich Married? Who is Kevin Von Erich Married To? Who is Pam Adkisson?

Is Kevin Von Erich Married
Is Kevin Von Erich Married

Kevin Von Erich’s Marriage to Pam Adkisson

Kevin Von Erich, the renowned professional wrestler, shares a long-standing marital bond with Pam Adkisson. The union between Kevin and Pam commenced on August 1, 1980, marking the inception of a partnership that transcends both personal and professional realms.

Their marriage, now spanning over four decades, has been characterized by mutual support and collaboration. Beyond their roles as spouses, Kevin and Pam have ventured into various business endeavors together, solidifying their relationship not only as life partners but also as successful business partners.

Birth name Kevin Ross Adkisson
Born May 15, 1957
Place of Birth Belleville, Illinois, U.S.
Age 66
Spouse(s) Pam Adkisson (married in 1980)
Children 4 (including Marshall and Ross Von Erich)
Family Von Erich

Pam Adkisson: Kevin Von Erich’s Spouse

Pam Adkisson, originally from Belleville, Illinois, emerged as a pivotal figure in Kevin Von Erich’s life following their marriage in 1980. Despite the challenges posed by the wrestling industry and the Von Erich family’s tumultuous journey, Pam stood steadfastly by Kevin’s side, offering unwavering support and guidance.

In addition to being a devoted wife, Pam plays a significant role in the Adkisson family dynamics, nurturing their children and providing a stable foundation for their household. Her unwavering commitment and resilience have been instrumental in navigating the highs and lows of Kevin’s wrestling career and family life.

Kevin Von Erich: An Overview

Kevin Von Erich, born Kevin Ross Adkisson, rose to prominence as a professional wrestler under the iconic moniker “Kevin Von Erich.” His illustrious career in the wrestling world, particularly with his father’s promotion, World Class Championship Wrestling (WCCW), cemented his status as a legendary figure in the sport.

Prior to his wrestling pursuits, Kevin briefly pursued football at North Texas State University. However, an injury altered his trajectory, leading him to follow in his family’s footsteps and embark on a successful wrestling career that would shape his legacy in the industry.

Fritz Von Erich: Kevin Von Erich’s Father

Fritz Von Erich, born Jack Adkisson, is synonymous with wrestling excellence and served as a guiding force in Kevin’s career. As the patriarch of the Von Erich family, Fritz’s influence extended beyond the ring, shaping the wrestling dynasty’s legacy and fostering a culture of resilience and determination.

Despite facing personal and professional challenges, Fritz remained a pillar of strength for his family, imparting invaluable lessons to Kevin and his siblings as they navigated the complexities of the wrestling world. His enduring legacy continues to inspire generations of wrestlers and fans alike.

Kevin Von Erich’s Children

Kevin and Pam Adkisson’s union has blessed them with six children, each contributing to the rich tapestry of the Von Erich family legacy. While Ross and Marshall Von Erich have followed their father’s footsteps into professional wrestling, the other siblings have pursued diverse paths and endeavors, adding depth to the family dynamic.

Ross and Marshall’s dedication to preserving the Von Erich wrestling legacy reflects the enduring impact of Kevin’s storied career. Together, the Adkisson family embodies a spirit of resilience and determination, united by their shared experiences and unwavering familial bonds.


  1. Who is Kevin Von Erich married to? Kevin Von Erich is married to Pam Adkisson since August 1, 1980.
  2. How many children does Kevin Von Erich have? Kevin Von Erich has six children: Ross Von Erich, Marshall Von Erich, Kristen Rain, Kevin Marshall, Jillian Lindsey, and David Michael.
  3. What wrestling promotion was Kevin Von Erich associated with? Kevin Von Erich was associated with his father’s World Class Championship Wrestling (WCCW) promotion.
  4. What was Kevin Von Erich’s ring name? Kevin Von Erich’s ring name was derived from his family name, Adkisson, and he was known as “Kevin Von Erich” in the wrestling world.
  5. Who was Kevin Von Erich’s father? Kevin Von Erich’s father was Fritz Von Erich, also known as Jack Adkisson, a legendary figure in professional wrestling who played a pivotal role in shaping the Von Erich family’s wrestling legacy.

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