Is Jeff Pegues Fired? Where is Jeff Pegues Now? Also Know Personal Life and Family!

Is Jeff Pegues Fired
Is Jeff Pegues Fired


Jeff Pegues, a former correspondent for CBS News, faced termination from his position amidst a broader layoff announced by CBS’s parent company, Paramount.

Full Name Jeffrey Pegues
Profession Journalist
Former Affiliation CBS News
Awards Numerous Emmy Awards were received during his tenure at WABC-TV in New York City
Date of Layoff February 13, 2024

The Layoffs at CBS News and Paramount

Paramount’s decision to lay off approximately 800 workers, including prominent journalists like Catherine Herridge, garnered significant attention and criticism.

Public Reaction to the Layoffs

The public expressed outrage over the layoffs, particularly questioning the fairness of executive compensation amidst financial struggles.

Jeff Pegues’ Career at CBS News

Pegues’ career at CBS News showcased his dedication and excellence in reporting, earning him numerous awards and recognition.

Jeff Pegues’ Previous Roles and Achievements

Beginning as a transportation correspondent, Pegues climbed the ranks to cover justice and homeland security issues, demonstrating versatility and expertise.

Jeff Pegues’ Personal Life and Family

Details about Pegues’ personal life, including his marital status and relationship with his daughter, Jordyn, are discussed, highlighting his commitment beyond journalism.

Speculations on Jeff Pegues’ Future Endeavors

Despite the setback, Pegues’ future endeavors remain a subject of speculation, given his vast experience and contributions to journalism.

FAQs Regarding Jeff Pegues’ Termination

Answers to common questions regarding Pegues’ layoff provide clarity on his career trajectory and the circumstances surrounding his departure.


Jeff Pegues’ termination from CBS News signifies a significant event in the media landscape, prompting discussions about fairness and the future of journalism amidst corporate restructuring.


  1. What awards has Jeff Pegues received during his career?
    Jeff Pegues has received numerous awards, including Emmy Awards for his outstanding journalism during his tenure at WABC-TV in New York City.
  2. Who is Jeff Pegues?
    Jeff Pegues is a journalist and former CBS News correspondent known for his reporting on national affairs and justice-related issues.
  3. Why was Jeff Pegues laid off from CBS News?
    Jeff Pegues, along with many other CBS employees, was laid off due to company-wide layoffs announced by Paramount Global, CBS’s parent company.
  4. What is Jeff Pegues’ professional background before joining CBS News?
    Before joining CBS News, Jeff Pegues worked as a reporter for WABC-TV in New York City, WBAL-TV in Baltimore, Maryland, and WSVN-TV in Miami, Florida.
  5. Where is Jeff Pegues now?
    While specifics about Pegues’ current endeavors are not publicly disclosed, he remains active in the journalism community, exploring new opportunities aligned with his expertise.

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