Is Arnold Schwarzenegger Arrested? What did Arnold Schwarzenegger Do?

Is Arnold Schwarzenegger Arrested
Is Arnold Schwarzenegger Arrested

Arnold Schwarzenegger, a name synonymous with action movies and politics, found himself in the spotlight once again when he was briefly detained at Munich Airport due to a customs issue involving an undeclared luxury watch. In this article, we’ll delve into the details of this incident, explore Arnold Schwarzenegger’s multifaceted career, and take a closer look at his personal life and net worth.

The Munich Airport Incident

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s detention at Munich Airport made headlines as he traveled from the United States to Germany. The reason behind this unexpected delay was his failure to declare a luxury watch. Schwarzenegger had intended to auction this custom Piguet timepiece at a fundraising dinner for his World Climate Summit in Austria. However, his plans hit a roadblock when customs officials detained him.

After several hours of detention, Schwarzenegger was released, but not without consequences. He agreed to pay a substantial sum of €35,000 in taxes and fines. What should have been a straightforward resolution turned into an ordeal, as authorities struggled for an hour to charge his credit card. Ultimately, they had to locate two ATMs to gather the required cash.

Who is Arnold Schwarzenegger?

Arnold Schwarzenegger is a versatile figure known for his accomplishments in various fields. An Austrian-American, he has left an indelible mark as an actor, businessman, filmmaker, and former professional bodybuilder. Schwarzenegger’s journey to fame began with his prominent roles in high-profile action movies, making him an iconic figure in the entertainment industry.

Beyond his entertainment career, Schwarzenegger ventured into politics and served as the 38th governor of California from 2003 to 2011. During his tenure, he prioritized public service, earning recognition as one of the 100 most influential people in the world by Time magazine in 2004 and 2007.

Specifications Details
Name Arnold Schwarzenegger
Gender Male
Profession Actor, Bodybuilder, Filmmaker, Former Politician
Date of Birth July 30, 1947
Place of Birth Thal, Styria, Austria
Age 75 (as of January 2024)
Parents Gustav Schwarzenegger (Father), Aurelia Jadrny (Mother)
Marital Status Divorced
Wife Name Maria Shriver (1986–2011, divorced)
Children Katherine Schwarzenegger, Patrick Schwarzenegger, and others

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Career

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s career is a remarkable journey that spans bodybuilding, acting, and politics. His path to success began at the age of 15 when he embraced weightlifting, eventually becoming one of the greatest bodybuilders in history. Winning the Mr. Universe title at 20 and claiming the Mr. Olympia title seven times solidified his iconic status in the bodybuilding world.

Transitioning to Hollywood, Schwarzenegger achieved global fame with breakthrough roles in films like “Conan the Barbarian” and “The Terminator.” His repertoire includes classics such as “Commando,” “Predator,” and “Total Recall,” showcasing his versatility in the industry. In addition to acting, he founded Oak Productions, further cementing his impact on the film industry.

Schwarzenegger’s foray into politics saw him chairing the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports during the George H. W. Bush administration. In a surprising turn of events, he was elected Governor of California in 2003 through a special recall election. Serving two terms, he later returned to acting, leaving a lasting legacy in bodybuilding, Hollywood, and public service.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Family and Early Life

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s early life unfolded in Thal, Austria, where he was born on July 30, 1947. He was the second son of Gustav Schwarzenegger and Aurelia Jadrny. His father, Gustav, had a complex history, having joined the Nazi Party and the Sturmabteilung (SA) after the Anschluss in 1938. The family faced financial challenges, and Arnold’s strict upbringing revealed his father’s favoritism towards his elder son, Meinhard.

Growing up in a disciplined Catholic household, Schwarzenegger faced academic struggles due to dyslexia but excelled in sports. His decision to pursue bodybuilding emerged at age 14, and by 20, he had won the Mr. Universe title, establishing himself as one of the greatest bodybuilders. His early exposure to bodybuilding idols fueled his passion, leading to rigorous training in Graz, Austria.

Tragedy struck in 1971 with the death of his brother Meinhard in a car crash, followed by the passing of his father, Gustav, in 1972. Schwarzenegger’s strained relationship with his father and the impact of his strict upbringing became evident, shedding light on a challenging familial environment. Despite these hardships, Schwarzenegger’s determination and rebellious spirit shaped his path to success, laying the foundation for his later achievements.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Marital Journey

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s marital journey took a significant turn when he married Maria Shriver on April 26, 1986, in Hyannis, Massachusetts. The couple shared a life together for 25 years and had four children, including Katherine Schwarzenegger and Patrick Schwarzenegger. The Schwarzenegger-Shriver family resided in a spacious 11,000-square-foot home in Brentwood, Los Angeles, and enjoyed vacation homes in Sun Valley, Idaho, and Hyannis Port, Massachusetts. Actively involved in their faith, the family attended St. Monica’s Catholic Church.

However, their long-standing union faced challenges, and on May 9, 2011, Shriver and Schwarzenegger announced the end of their 25-year marriage. Following their separation, Shriver moved out of their Brentwood mansion, marking a significant chapter in their personal history.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Past Relationships

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s romantic life has been marked by significant relationships, reflecting the complexities of his personal journey. In 1969, he began a relationship with Barbara Outland Baker, an English teacher, which lasted until 1974. Baker portrayed Schwarzenegger as charismatic but increasingly conceited towards the end of their time together in her memoir, “Arnold and Me: In the Shadow of the Austrian Oak.”

Despite the challenges, Schwarzenegger contributed to Baker’s tell-all book with a foreword, highlighting their shared history. Following his relationship with Baker, Schwarzenegger entered into a romantic involvement with Sue Moray, a Beverly Hills hairdresser’s assistant, in July 1977. Moray described their relationship as open, emphasizing fidelity when both were in Los Angeles but freedom when apart.

However, a significant turning point occurred in August 1978 when Moray issued an ultimatum, prompting Schwarzenegger to make a choice. This period marked the beginning of his relationship with Maria Shriver, a television journalist and the niece of President John F. Kennedy. Despite overlapping relationships, Schwarzenegger and Shriver’s connection endured, ultimately leading to their marriage in 1986. The dynamics of Schwarzenegger’s relationships reveal a complex interplay of passion, challenges, and choices, underscoring the multifaceted nature of his personal life.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Net Worth

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s net worth is an impressive $450 million, a testament to his diverse and lucrative career spanning various industries. His primary source of income comes from his success in the entertainment industry, where he commanded high salaries for his roles in blockbuster films. Classics like “Conan the Barbarian,” “The Terminator” series, and “Total Recall” contributed significantly to his financial success.

Beyond acting, Schwarzenegger engaged in entrepreneurial ventures, founding Oak Productions, his film production company. He also wrote and published autobiographies, including “Arnold: The Education of a Bodybuilder” and “Total Recall: My Unbelievably True Life Story,” further adding to his income through book sales and associated endeavors. Schwarzenegger’s multifaceted career, encompassing acting, business, and literature, underscores the diverse streams of income that have contributed to his financial success over the years.


In conclusion, the incident at Munich Airport, where Arnold Schwarzenegger faced detention over a customs issue involving an undeclared luxury watch, shed light on a lesser-known aspect of his life. Schwarzenegger’s career, spanning bodybuilding, acting, and politics, has left an indelible mark on the world. His personal life, marked by complex relationships and challenges, adds depth to his multifaceted persona. With a net worth of $450 million, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s enduring legacy continues to make headlines and inspire individuals worldwide.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Arrested – FAQs

  1. Is Arnold Schwarzenegger arrested? Yes, Arnold Schwarzenegger was detained at Munich Airport in an incident where he was briefly held over a customs issue.
  2. Why was Arnold Schwarzenegger detained at Munich Airport? Arnold Schwarzenegger was detained for several hours due to a customs debacle. He failed to declare a luxury watch while traveling from the United States to Germany.
  3. What led to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s detention? The detention resulted from Schwarzenegger’s failure to declare a luxury watch during his travel to Germany. Customs officials held him at the airport for not registering the timepiece, intended for auction at a fundraising dinner.
  4. Did Arnold Schwarzenegger face legal consequences after the incident? Yes, the main customs office in Munich initiated “criminal tax proceedings” against Schwarzenegger. The authorities emphasized that the luxury watch should have been registered as it was considered an import.
  5. How did Arnold Schwarzenegger resolve the situation? Schwarzenegger was released after agreeing to pay €35,000 in taxes and fines related to the undeclared luxury watch. The payment process, however, became an ordeal, with authorities struggling to charge his credit card and eventually resorting to using two different ATMs to obtain the required amount of cash.

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