Houseplants and Salt Lamps: Which is a Better Indoor Air Purifier and Gift Idea?

There are many gift ideas, from handmade gifts, jewelry, houseplants, scented candles, and salt lamps, among other thoughtful ideas.

Today, most people less leave their homes. Whether it is work or studies, they can access them from where they are. Even gamblers are enjoying their favorite slots online, alongside incentives like Ripper casino bonuses.

With most people spending most of their time at home, it would make sense to choose a gift that will make their stay at home more comfortable. That is why we recommend an air purifier, whether a houseplant or salt lamp.

Houseplants – Why We Love Them

Everyone is excited about having their own space and doing whatever they deem fit. While some of the interior design projects look to make your space look more appealing, others are functional. House plants are some of the things that most homeowners invest in. There must be a reason why people spend on indoor plants.

They are loved for how clean and fresh they make a room. An Aloe Vera plant in your room can purify the air, leaving it clean. Spearmint placed on the window releases a minty scent making your house smell great (you don’t need to use carcinogenic chemical fragrances.)

They come in different shapes, sizes, and colors, giving you various options for choosing indoor plants to make your home cozy.

Salt Lamps – Why We Can’t Help but Be Fascinated with Them

Himalayan salt lamps are increasingly becoming popular. If you come across them, you are likely to get fascinated too. It is not a thankless fuss; there is a good reason. When the salt rock is burnt, it attracts moisture, evaporating and releasing ions. The negative ions released come with tons of benefits.

The air you breathe in your home is usually contaminated with ions from electric appliances like the microwave and TV. Salt lamps neutralize harmful ions. The fantastic thing about Himalayan salt is that it has many environmental and health benefits if used in your home.

Aesthetics of Houseplants and Salt Lamps

Indoor plants have tons of aesthetic benefits. They reduce stuffiness in your home by absorbing carbon dioxide and providing oxygen. Increased oxygen levels in your home, therefore, make breathing easy. Succulents, orchids, and bromeliads are some of the indoor plants that can produce oxygen even at night.

The ambiance brought about by house plants enhances focus. Such plants in your study, living room, or office can enhance attentiveness.

Beautiful indoor plants in an artistic holder can vamp up the appearance of your space. It can make your home cozy and welcoming. Salt lamps also have aesthetic benefits. They help purify the air in your home, keeping respiratory complications at bay. They can enhance the aesthetics of your space by deodorizing it by absorbing contaminated air and water molecules.

Himalayan salt lamps can have a decorative effect on your space.

The amber-colored rock can light up your room. Also, the lamps come in different designs, materials, and shapes. A lamp that blends with your interior design can instantly improve the appearance of your space.

Effectiveness Comparison of Salt Lamps and Houseplants

Salt lamps are useful in cleansing the air by removing pollutants and dust through negative ions. Their hygroscopic properties make them efficient in filtering the air. Salt lamps are also able to remove cigarette smoke, too, from the air you inhale.

Negative ions produced by salt lamps have a relaxing effect through chromotherapy. The mild amber light helps with stress reduction and wards off stress-related illnesses. Also, the ions produced increase serotonin in the brain, boosting mood and energy levels.

Indoor plants are useful in air purification. They absorb volatile organic compounds, carbon dioxide, and other pollutant gases. By absorbing these gases through the leaves and roots, they leave the air in your house clean and free from impurities.

Indoor plants effectively balance your home’s humidity and dust levels. Several indoor potted plants can also help maintain a comfortable temperature in your house.

Salt lamps and houseplants are effective natural air purifiers. The benefits range between the two options. Himalayan salt lamps offer you more, on top of cleaner air and aesthetics. Indoor plants, on the other hand, offer you temperature control.

Maintenance Comparison of Salt Lamps and Houseplants

Salt Lamps are low maintenance. To clean the salt rock, switch off the lamp and use a damp cloth to wipe the crystal. Also, to prevent the salt crystal from melting away, the wattage of your lamp should not exceed the recommended wattage for the lamp. Houseplants are delicate and require attention.

They should be placed somewhere they can get enough sunlight and be adequately watered. Regular pruning will ensure the healthy growth of the plant. Also, avoid pouring drinks other than water into the plant containers.

Talking About Indoor Air Purification – Who Wins It?

Houseplants purify the air by absorbing pollutants in the air. Salt lamps absorb pollutants in the air, filter the air, and also cleanse the water molecules present in the atmosphere. The result is air in your house free from contaminants.

So it’s beneficial to get houseplants AND Himalayan salt lamps – your needs will help you make your choice.

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