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Get The Noise Personal Technology Accessories With Gonoise Discount Coupons

We are living in the era of smartphones. It has become one of the most useful gadget in our daily lives. Within the last decade the smartphone industry has grown exponentially with new technological enhancements coming in every now and then and with it mobile accessories has become more and more important. Mobile accessories have become the perfect companion of the smartphones and with the correct accessories, you can enjoy more features and efficient performance. You can get high quality made in India smart accessories from Noise at very affordable prices using Gonoise discount coupons and Gonoise promo codes. 

About Noise

Noise was founded by Amit Khatri and Gaurav Khatri in 2014. At first, Noise used to sell smartphone covers and protective gear but seeing the boom in the smartphone industry, Amit and Gaurav realized the potential growth of smartphone accessories in India and thereby Noise later diversified into smart wearables and wireless heaphones. Noise became one of the first brands in India to come up with trutly wireless earphones: the Noise SHOTS.

Today Noise associates themselves with the youth of the country. They make the latest personal technologies available to the young consumers of India. It have been listed as the best selling brand on Amazon and Flipkart for four years in a row and was the Indian seller of the wireless earphones in the country in 2019. In future, they aim to become the biggest player in the Indian market and a household name with the young techies of India.

Products Offered by Noise

Noise offers a lot of smart wearable and audio accessories. It includes smartwatches, wireless earbuds, Bluetooth neckbands, Bluetooth headphones, Bluetooth speakers, smartwatch straps and smartwatch chargers.

The smartwatches includeColorFit Pro 3, NoiseFit Endure, Colorfit Pro 2, ColorFit Nav and NoiseFit Evolve.

Wireless earbuds include Air Buds, Buds Solo, Shots Neo 2, Buds Play, Shots Groove, X1 Air 2, Elan Enc Earbuds, Shots Rush, Buds Pop and Shots XO.

Bluetooth neckbands include Tune Active Plus, Tune Charge, Tune Active, Tune Sport 2, Tune Elite Sport and Tune Lite.

Bluetooth headphones include Defy ANC and Noise One.

Bluetooth speakers include Vibe 5W.

All the products are available in multiple color options and come with a warranty of 1 year. The products are shipped all over the country.

Gonoise Discount Coupons 2021

Noise products have excellent performance and we know that such fancy gadgets can cost a lot but with Gonoise vouchers and Gonoise promo codes, you can get amazing deals! Some of the Gonoise discount coupon codes include Gonoise sitewide offer (flat 8% off on all smartwatches), Gonoise coupon code(flat 7% off on all earphones), Gonoise offers (up to 50% off on smart watches), Noise coupon code (flat Rs 500 off) and Gonoisevoucer codes (up to Rs 2000 off on fitness bands). You can also get Rs 300 off on orders above Rs 2500 (valid till 30th April 2021) and also launch offer on ColorFit Pro 3 Rs 1500 off (valid till 28th April 2021). So, what are you waiting for, visit their website www.gonoise.com and get your favorite accessories now! 

Contact Details

For any queries or support, you can call them on +918882132132 or you can email them on support@nexxbase.com . You can also follow them on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for all the latest information about discount offers, product launches etc.