Gifts that Add a Touch of Green to Special Occasions

There is no dearth of gifting ideas if you are browsing gifts, cakes, and chocolates online for birthday and other special occasions. Amazing variety of flower bouquets and cakes is offered by online gift shops for same-day delivery.

Thinking out-of-the-box

Practice of gifting traditional items has its own disadvantages as your gift may not be noticed among the crowd of similar gift items. The recipient may feel that you have hurriedly purchased a gift that is way too generic. Ideally, the choice of any gift for a particular person must be backed by consideration of several aspects of his or her personality such as age, interests, and hobbies to name a few.

Some gifts such as flowers can be considered universal as you have to only select the type of flower bloom and the flower arrangement. Recently, plants are emerging as the most sought-after gifts in addition to chocolates online for birthday. The gift of a plant is considered a thoughtful present. There are several attributes of plants to know before buying the right plant for gifting.

Saying it with a plant

Thanks to the increased awareness of global warming and the subsequent need to grow more trees to fight the impact of pollution and other environmental hazards, more and more people are preferring plants as meaningful gifts.

Plants not only enhance the décor, but these are also appreciated for their positive and healthy vibes. One can convey a variety of emotions including, care, concern, and love. Miniature or indoor plants are ideal for carrying and gifting. Plants and flowers are perfect for sending along with chocolates online for birthday or anniversary celebrations.

Enduring cactus plants for longevity

Sustaining growth in the face of challenges is the real emotion behind the idea of gifting a cactus plant on special occasions. Choose any variety of cactus plant to convey good wishes on the occasion of birthdays and other milestones of life along with chocolates online for birthday. Cactus plants stand the taste of time by withstanding harsh weather conditions. You can also consider using a ceramic vase to give a classic touch to your gift. Always go for a succulent and flowering variety of cactus such as Christmas cactus.

Elegant and useful- Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera plant is also considered to be a great plant gift because of has several health benefits. If you have a minor burn or cut, then just cut a small portion of the plant and apply the gel-like substance to accelerate healing. You need not worry about the cut portion as the plant grows itself within a couple of days. The gel can also be directly applied to the skin for dealing with dry skin conditions. Aloe Vera is a proven hair growth solution too. With so many health benefits to derive from, Aloe Vera deserves to be an ideal gift for any occasion.

Sign of abundant wealth- money plant

Presenting a money plant as a gift conveys your wishes for the prosperity of the person. This is an ideal gift for special occasions such as inauguration, house warming, and so forth. If you are celebrating a new job, promotion, or career advancement of your friend or relative, then a money plant is sure to be appreciated along with chocolates online for birthday. You can also choose from a large assortment of money plant species to suit the décor. Money plants grow very fast and symbolize your ever-growing affection towards your loved ones.

 Spread positive vibes with snake plant

Among all house plants a snake plant is probably the toughest one. One need not look after the plant on a regular basis as it can continue to grow even if you neglect is for a day or two. Snake plant is known to purify the environment by releasing oxygen. The plant also conveys sustainability and good health. Whether you keep it indoors or outdoors, a snake plant is sure to add elegance to the surroundings while maintaining a good quality of air. The snake plant is an ideal gift even if the person has little or no knowledge about nurturing plants.


Plants have symbolic meanings just like flowers. The birthday gift of a plant conveys your sincere feelings for the person’s healthy growth. Moreover, you will always be remembered fondly by the recipient who is sure to watch the plant growing every day by watering and taking good care of the same.

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