Georgia Beauty Queen Arrested: Why was Trinity Poague arrested? Who is Trinity Poague?

Georgia Beauty Queen Arrested
Georgia Beauty Queen Arrested

In a shocking turn of events, Trinity Poague, an 18-year-old former Georgia beauty queen, has found herself entangled in a web of controversy. She now faces charges of felony murder, aggravated battery, and cruelty to children in the first degree. The genesis of this ordeal revolves around the tragic death of her boyfriend’s 18-month-old son, who was admitted to Phoebe Sumter Hospital in Americus, Georgia, and subsequently lost his life. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) launched an inquiry into this heart-wrenching incident at the request of the George Southwestern State University (GSW) Police Department. In this article, we’ll delve into the intricate details of this case, exploring the life of Trinity Poague, the victim, and the ongoing investigation.

Trinity Poague: From Pageant Queen to Legal Battle

Trinity Poague, once known for her pageantry achievements, rose to prominence as a contestant in the National Peanut Festival Pageant. In 2023, she secured the prestigious title of Miss Donalsnoville. Her journey in beauty pageants epitomized her success in local competitions and her aspirations within the world of pageantry.

A Sudden Twist of Fate

As a sophomore at George Southwestern State University (GSW), Trinity Poague’s life took a stark and unexpected turn when she was arrested and charged with felony murder, aggravated battery, and cruelty to children in the first degree. This dramatic shift in her life’s trajectory underscores the gravity of the legal allegations now weighing heavily upon her.

Romeo Angles or Jaxton Drew?

The victim in this tragic case is identified as an 18-month-old child, initially named Romeo Angles by Sumter County Coroner Mathis Wright. However, conflicting information emerged when the child’s father provided a different name, Jaxton Drew, during the hospital admission process. This discrepancy adds complexity to an already heartrending situation, raising questions about the child’s true identity and the circumstances leading to his demise.

A Heartfelt Initiative

In response to this distressing incident, loved ones of the deceased child initiated a GoFundMe campaign to support the 18-month-old’s father, who was described as the tot’s “sole caretaker” in the fundraiser. This campaign sheds light on the emotional and financial challenges the father is likely facing following the tragic loss of his child.

Behind Bars

As of now, Trinity Poague is in custody and is being held without bond. The severity of the charges, which include felony murder, aggravated battery, and cruelty to children in the first degree, likely contributed to the decision to detain her without bail.

An Ongoing Investigation

The legal process surrounding Trinity Poague’s arrest is far from over. Law enforcement authorities continue to actively investigate the circumstances of the toddler’s death, gathering more information and evidence. As the investigation unfolds, Trinity Poague remains in custody, awaiting further developments in her case.


The arrest of Trinity Poague, a former Georgia beauty queen, on charges of felony murder, aggravated battery, and cruelty to children has sent shockwaves through the community. This tragic incident, marked by the untimely death of a toddler, raises many questions and concerns. As the investigation progresses, more details are expected to emerge, shedding light on the circumstances surrounding this heart-wrenching case.

Georgia Beauty Queen Arrested – FAQs

  1. Why was Trinity Poague arrested? Trinity Poague was arrested on charges of felony murder, aggravated battery, and cruelty to children in the first degree in connection with the death of her boyfriend’s toddler son.
  2. What led to the arrest of the beauty queen? The arrest followed an investigation initiated by the George Southwestern State University (GSW) Police Department after an 18-month-old child, identified as Romeo Angles, died in the emergency room. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) found evidence supporting the charges.
  3. What is Trinity Poague’s background in pageantry? Trinity Poague was a former contestant in the National Peanut Festival Pageant and achieved the title of Miss Donalsnoville in 2023. Her involvement in beauty pageants is notable alongside the legal controversy surrounding her.
  4. Is Trinity Poague currently in custody? Yes, Trinity Poague is currently being held without bond in connection with the charges against her. She is in custody while the investigation and legal proceedings unfold.
  5. What is the status of the ongoing investigation? The investigation into the case is still ongoing. Law enforcement authorities are actively working to gather more information and evidence related to the circumstances surrounding the death of the toddler. Further developments in the case are expected as the legal process continues.

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