11 Fair Trade Chocolate Companies For Your Conscious Cravings

How To Locate Ethically Made Chocolate

Buying fair trade requires a are a symbol of a method that treats everybody based.

Many occasions, chocolate is oh-so-even more than just chocolate. In the natural form, it’s a superfood full of antioxidants and cardiovascular benefits, and research has shown chocolate boosts energy, reduces stress, increases concentration as well as improves maternal health. This playful, nutrient-dense treat is the best pick-me-up and superfood recharge.

“When we buy fair trade products, we’re casting a election for that ethical management of the laborers all over the world who have the effect of our meal.”

Therefore we know chocolate will work for us. What concerning the maqui berry farmers who fill it up? The Worldwide Labor Organization estimates that there are many child laborers trying to produce a number of our everyday purchases for example coffee and cacao. As you may imagine, forced laborers are exploited for his or her work, made to work lengthy hrs with little if any pay, and also have little legal rights.

Whenever we buy fair trade products, we’re casting a election for that ethical management of the laborers all over the world who have the effect of our meal. Fair trade sourcing means not just are workers compensated fairly but additionally they’ve safe and eco-friendly working conditions.

These conscious chocolate brands make it a fundamental element of their pursuit to develop mutually advantageous partnerships by using fair trade and direct trade practices using the maqui berry farmers who cultivate their cacao crops. Oh-plus they make scrumptious good-for-you chocolate.

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1. Alter Eco Foods

  • Perfect For Truffle enthusiasts, eco-friendly practices
  • Where You Can Buy Online, Thrive Market, Kroger
  • Cost Per Bar $2.99-$4.99

Alter Eco is really a certified B Corporation. They’re certified Fair Trade, non-GMO and organic, and in addition they use compostable packaging and offset carbon emissions by planting a large number of trees inside their supply chains. Their fair trade truffles and chocolates are crafted with pure, good-fat-wealthy superfood, coconut oil. With no preservatives, no soy, or no palm kernel oil. These little bundles of tasty decadent pleasure have all the features you like-and are generally healthy for you and also the planet.

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2. Theo Chocolate

  • Perfect For Social impact, number of flavors
  • Where You Can Buy Online, Sprouts, Whole-foods
  • Cost Per Bar $2.99-$3.99

Theo Chocolate is devoted to creating the world a much better place, and they’re finding ways to get it done through their desire for cacao. Their dedication to social and ecological responsibility has brought these to work with organizations like Eastern Congo Initiative, the Jane Goodall Institute, and also the World Bicycle Relief. Because the first organic and fair trade chocolate factory in the united states, Theo Chocolate’s founding principle would be that the finest artisan chocolate on the planet can (and really should) be created within an entirely ethical, sustainable fashion.

3. Evolved

  • Perfect For True chocolates enthusiasts (72%-100% cacao)
  • Where You Can Buy Online, Thrive Market
  • Cost Per Bar $2.79-$4.99

All Evolved chocolate is freed from gluten, dairy, or soy. Actually, they will use the least ingredients physically easy to create chocolate. No junk, no fillers, only the greatest quality, fair trade cacao gently sweetened with organic walnut sugar directly sourced from Walnut producers in Vermont and Canada. Evolved’s guiding principle is “Chocolate: It’s Food, Not Chocolate.” When chocolate is performed right, it’s a scrumptious, antioxidant-wealthy superfood.

4. UnReal

  • Perfect For Gluten-, corn-, & soy-free chocolate
  • Where You Can Buy Online, Thrive Market, Kroger
  • Cost Per Bag $1.99-$9.99

UnReal is on the pursuit to unjunk the planet by reinventing America’s favorite foods. They began with M&Ms® and Reese’s®, which makes them without junk and fewer sugar however with better taste. Every component they will use is non-GMO, always real, rather than artificial. No gluten, corn, or soy. UnReal uses sustainably sourced and fair trade ingredients. Every bite genuinely does taste unreal. Watch the founder’s TED Talk to find out more!

5. Equal Exchange

  • Perfect For Chocolate minis
  • Where You Can Buy Online, Target, Thrive Market
  • Cost Per Bar $2.99-$6.99

Equal Exchange’s mission would be to build lengthy-term local partnerships which are economically just and eco seem, and also to promote mutually advantageous relationships between maqui berry farmers and consumers through fair trade practices. Their chocolates and cocoas are crafted using USDA certified organic ingredients, grown carefully by small player co-ops. We especially love the boxes of 150 minis to help keep on the desks for any sweet treat from time to time!

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6. Dapaah

  • Perfect For Vegan chocolate
  • Where You Can Buy Online
  • Cost Per Bar £9.99

Ghana produces 20 % from the entire world’s way to obtain cacao, and it is time these were recognized globally for this! Dapaah, operated by the Dapaah brothers and sisters, is really a in your area sourced business that actually works directly using the organic cacao trade through the country. Each bar, though vegan, is milky, wealthy, and particularly decadent-and it is even sweeter to understand their practices are fair trade and maqui berry farmers are compensated sizable wages via a profit share model.

7. Endangered Species Chocolate

  • Perfect For Nature & animal enthusiasts
  • Where You Can Buy Online, Thrive Market, Target
  • Cost Per Bar $2.39-$5.29

With every treat, Endangered Species Chocolate is protecting diversity of existence on the planet and promoting true global change. Endangered Species Chocolate donates 10 % of profits to partner organizations that support species conservation, habitat upkeep and humanitarian efforts. Their milk and chocolates bars and bites are created with shade-grown cacao and natural fair trade ingredients. Selecting their chocolate is an excellent method you are able to recognition maqui berry farmers and support sustainable farming practices.

8. Beyond Good

  • Perfect For Chocolate made entirely in Africa
  • Where You Can Buy Online, Sprouts, Whole-foods
  • Cost Per Bar $2.99-$4.50

Africa grows 70 % from the world’s cacao, yet produces under 1 % from the world’s chocolate. Beyond Good exists to alter this by looking into making chocolate positioned on the continent. Beyond Good empowers Madagascan and Ugandan cacao maqui berry farmers with skills training and greater wages. To date, they’ve produced significant earnings for more than 100 people-from chocolate making to packaging production, towards the farming of cacao, spices, and fruits.

9. Loving Earth

  • Perfect For Australian raw chocolate enthusiasts
  • Where You Can Buy Online, Woolworths, Whole-foods
  • Cost Per Bar $3.50-$8.50

For more than ten years, Loving Earth continues to be focused on sourcing and manufacturing the ACO Certified Organic and fair trade raw chocolate. A particularly healthy treat, this chocolate contains no cane sugar or dairy and stays completely uncooked and unprocessed. Since the Cacao Beans aren’t roasted, their natural insightful phytonutrients remain fully intact. Loving Earth’s raw chocolate contains as much as two times the quantity of antioxidants of conventionally processed chocolate.

10. Phillip Ashley Chocolates

  • Perfect For Designer chocolate boxes
  • Where You Can Buy Online, available in Memphis
  • Cost Per Box $35-$250

Named the “Willy Wonka of Chocolate” by Forbes and identified by Oprah Magazine, the James Beard Foundation, and Vogue, Phillip Ashley Rix is really a true chocolate connoisseur. Each box of those luxury chocolates come in small batches using fair trade and premium ingredients, having a concentrate on periodic availability and sustainability. They’re the right surprise for the Valentine-in order to treat yo’self (you deserve it!).

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11. Divine Chocolate

  • Perfect For Milk chocolate enthusiasts, baking bars & powders
  • Where You Can Buy Online, Thrive Market
  • Cost Per Bar $1.99-$6.99

Divine Chocolate is onAXAe from the only certified Fair Trade chocolate companies worldwide that’s co-of cacao maqui berry farmers. This enables co-op people to talk about in profits and also have a bigger voice within the cacao industry. Like a certified B Corp, additionally they prioritize gender equality, women’s professional possibilities, and social entrepreneurship. We like them for his or her big selection, availability, and cost-effective prices!