The Best 9 Sex Podcasts For Self-Education & New Perspectives

Let’s Discuss Sex Differently

Our favorite methods to educate (or re-educate) ourselves about sex? Podcasts. We like hearing sexperts and sex educators break lower our most burning questions regarding everything sex, pleasure, and closeness.

Whilst not an extensive list (incorperate your favorites towards the comment section ??), they are a couple of in our favorite sex podcasts for inclusive, courageous, and interesting conversations about from foreplay and sexual intercourse to self-pleasure, kinks, and customary bed room struggles. Provide them with a listen!

Are books more your factor? Listed here are the most popular books that will help you reconnect together with your body and sexual desires. And do not miss our 99 methods to increase sexual satisfaction (interior and exterior the bed room).

1. The Sensual Self Podcast

  • Listen For An search for pleasure in the intersection of identity, sexuality, and healing
  • Suggested Episode The Sensuality of Solitude
  • Where You Can Stay Tuned iTunes Spotify Soundcloud

The Sensual Self (formerly The Sexually Liberated Lady) podcast explores the how to go about sensual expression and invites listeners to luxuriate within the pleasures of the physiques. Located by sexuality doula™ Ev’Yan Whitney, this podcast covers essential and frequently stigmatized topics, including gender, desire, consent, and pleasure. Episodes average an hour or so long.

2. The Authentic Sex Podcast

  • Listen For Empowering information to change your sex existence
  • Suggested Episode Pregnancy, Sex, and Keeping Closeness Alive
  • Where You Can Stay Tuned iTunes Spotify Soundcloud

Located by Tantra Specialist and Australia’s leading sexologist Juliet Allen, The Authentic Sex Podcast expands on a lot of our favorite sex topics, including self-pleasure and tantric sex. Episodes average thirty to forty minutes, so we love season 5 expands on sex and closeness during pregnancy.

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3. Where Don’t Let Begin?

  • Listen For Real-existence couples therapy sessions
  • Suggested Episode Sexlessness
  • Where You Can Stay Tuned iTunes Spotify Stitcher

Within this audible original series, Esther Perel invites listeners into her office, where she helps couples navigate complicated relationships and sexual struggles. Whilst not every episode of Where Don’t Let Begin? is all about sexuality, we discover this podcast allows us to better understand and talk to our partners-both interior and exterior the bed room. Episodes average 45 to an hour.

4. VagEsteem™

  • Perfect For A wholesome sex education curriculum
  • Suggested Episode Sex Jobs Are Work
  • Where You Can Stay Tuned iTunes Soundcloud

The VagEsteem™ podcast wants you to definitely convey more self confidence, the body, as well as your vulva. Located by Vanessa Geffrard, any adverse health and sex educator in Baltimore, Maryland, it covers from sex work and legislation to endometriosis and infertility. Episodes average an hour and, while there haven’t been any new episodes in 2021, the archive may be worth diving into.

5. The Dildorks

  • Perfect For Discourse on sex, dating, and masturbating
  • Suggested Episode Libido Nosedive
  • Where You Can Stay Tuned iTunes Spotify Stitcher

Award-winning journalist Kate Sloan and sex educator Bex Caputo met in a sex blogger’s retreat in 2015. The self-announced “brain twins, best buddies, and sex nerds” made the decision to begin a podcast together, and also the Dildorks was created. Pay attention to that one for discourse on everything sex-including BDSM, sexual aftercare, and kinks.

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6. Sex With Emily

  • Perfect For Non-judgmental sex advice
  • Suggested Episode Everyone Loves Dental
  • Where You Can Stay Tuned iTunes Spotify Stitcher

Using more than one 1000 episodes and 5k reviews, Sex With Emily is really a favorite among podcast listeners. These acer notebooks located by author and sex counselor Dr. Emily Morse and includes a remarkable guest selection of doctors, therapists, and sexual wellness experts. You may also send your sex inquiries to Emily, which she solutions throughout the show. Episodes average 50 minutes.

7. Talking About Sex

  • Perfect For Explicit yet soulful conversations about sex and sexuality
  • Suggested Episode Finding New Pleasure Pathways
  • Where You Can Stay Tuned iTunes Spotify

Here’s another podcast using more than 400 episodes. Talking about Sex in the Pleasure Mechanics (sexologists and existence partners, Chris and Charlotte now) is informative, straightforward, and excellent for researching sex-well-mechanics. No subject is off-limits or taboo, which show solutions readers questions too. Episodes average half an hour.

8. Disability At Night

  • Perfect For A podcast that appears at disability, sexuality and all things in between
  • Suggested Episode Steps To Make Sex and Closeness Coaching Readily Available
  • Where You Can Stay Tuned iTunes Spotify

Located by Disability Awareness Consultant Andrew Gurza, the Disability At Night podcast airs real conversations about disability and sexuality. As the show has expanded to incorporate additional topics concerning the disability experience, the archives cover from accessible sex positions and beds to popular culture and inclusive language.

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9. Turn Me On

  • Perfect For Pillow-discuss sex and pleasure
  • Suggested Episode Divorce and Polyamory
  • Where You Can Stay Tuned iTunes Spotify

Jeremie and Bryde really are a married, poly, adventurous couple who love getting conversations by what this means to become a sexual being on the planet. Having a candid and humor-filled approach, the hosts chat weekly (frequently with sex experts) about everything pleasure, closeness, and sexuality. Turn Me On episodes average 60 to 1 hour 30 minutes.