Does Kym Marsh Have Siblings? Know Who is Kym Marsh?

Does Kym Marsh Have Siblings

In this article, we will delve into the life of Kym Marsh, a versatile English actress, television presenter, and singer. We’ll also answer the question: Does Kym Marsh have siblings?


Kym Marsh, born Kimberley Gail Marsh, in Whiston, Merseyside, England, is a multifaceted talent who has made a significant impact on the entertainment industry. Let’s explore her background, career, and family life.

Kym Marsh’s Family

Yes, Kym Marsh has three siblings: Tracey Marsh, John Marsh, and David Marsh. Born Kimberley Gail Ratcliff on June 13, 1976, in Whiston, United Kingdom, Kym is the daughter of Pauline and David Marsh. Her parents, British citizens, played a significant role in her upbringing. Kym’s family includes her two brothers, John and David, and a sister named Tracey.

The Supportive Marsh Family

The Marsh family has been incredibly supportive of Kym’s career in acting, television presenting, and singing. Kym gained recognition by winning a place in the band Hear’Say through the reality TV show Popstars. Throughout her journey to fame and success, her siblings have been there, providing unwavering support and sharing a deep familial bond with her.

Who is Kym Marsh?

Kym Marsh gained fame in 2001 by winning a spot in the band Hear’Say through the reality TV series Popstars. While with Hear’Say, they achieved two UK number-one singles and a chart-topping album, but Marsh left in 2002 to pursue a solo career. Her solo album, “Standing Tall” (2003), reached number nine in the UK with two top-ten singles.

From 2006 to 2019, Marsh played Michelle Connor on ITV’s Coronation Street, winning awards for her performances. In 2010, she showcased her singing skills on Popstar to Operastar. Since October 2020, Kym has co-hosted the BBC One morning show, Morning Live, and from 2023, she has been part of the revival of the BBC school drama series Waterloo Road. With three marriages and three children, Kym Marsh continues to captivate audiences with her talent and diverse career.

Full Name Kimberley Gail Marsh
Date of Birth June 13, 1976
Place of Birth Whiston, Merseyside, United Kingdom
Occupation Actress, Television Presenter, Singer
Years Active 2000–present
Spouses Jack Ryder (m. 2002; div. 2009)

Jamie Lomas (m. 2012; div. 2014)

Scott Ratcliff (m. 2021; div. 2023)

Children 3
Musical Genres Pop, Rock
Notable Roles Michelle Connor in Coronation Street, Morning Live co-presenter, Popstar to Operastar contestant
TV Shows Coronation Street, Morning Live, Popstar to Operastar, Waterloo Road (revival)
Awards British Soap Award for Best Newcomer (2007), British Soap Award for Best Female Dramatic Performance (2017)
Other Ventures Co-hosted Morning Live on BBC One, appeared in The Syndicate and participated in Strictly Come Dancing (2022)

Kym Marsh’s Early Life

Kym Marsh was born at Whiston Hospital in Whiston, Merseyside. Her parents, Pauline and David Marsh, resided in Garswood, Ashton in Makerfield, Metropolitan Borough of Wigan. With two older brothers and one older sister, Kym grew up in a musical household as her father was not only a joiner but also the lead guitarist for the band Ricky and the Dominant Four.

Interestingly, his band once opened for The Beatles at The Cavern Club. Kym attended Byrchall High School in Ashton-in-Makerfield and later studied at the Elliot Clarke Stage School in Liverpool for two years, leaving at the age of 15.

Kym Marsh’s Career

Kym Marsh has had a diverse and successful career. Starting with early singing endeavors, she provided vocals for various artists and gained attention with the track “Arctic,” later renamed “Nothing But You.” In 2000, Marsh auditioned for Popstars and became part of the band Hear’Say, achieving chart-topping success.

Transitioning to a solo career, she signed with Island Records and released singles like “Cry” and “Come on Over.” Her debut solo album, “Standing Tall,” peaked at number 9 in the UK. Marsh explored her talents on TV, acting in shows like Doctors and becoming a regular on Loose Women. In 2006, she joined Coronation Street as Michelle Connor, earning accolades for her performances.

Beyond soap operas, Marsh presented Morning Live on BBC One from October 2020. She showcased her acting skills in The Syndicate and joined the revival of Waterloo Road in 2023. In 2022, she competed on Strictly Come Dancing but had to withdraw due to testing positive for COVID-19. With a multifaceted career spanning singing, acting, and presenting, Kym Marsh continues to leave a mark in the entertainment industry.

Kym Marsh’s Age

As of 2024, Kym Marsh is 47 years old. Born on June 13, 1976, in Whiston, Merseyside, England, she has had a dynamic career spanning singing, acting, and television presenting. Marsh gained initial fame as a member of the band Hear’Say on the reality show Popstars.

She has since transitioned to a solo career, acted in popular soap operas like Coronation Street, and co-hosted the BBC One morning show Morning Live. Despite her varied roles, Kym Marsh remains a prominent and talented figure in the entertainment industry.

Kym Marsh’s Net Worth

Kym Marsh’s net worth is approximately $5 million. The English actress, television presenter, and singer have earned this wealth through her successful career in the entertainment industry.

From her early days in the band Hear’Say to her solo singing career, acting roles in Coronation Street, and her present role as a television presenter on Morning Live, Kym has achieved significant success. Her diverse talents across singing, acting, and hosting have contributed to her financial success, making her net worth an estimated $5 million.


1. Does Kym Marsh have siblings?

Yes, Kym Marsh has three siblings: Tracey Marsh, John Marsh, and David Marsh.

2. What is Kym Marsh’s date of birth?

Kym Marsh was born on June 13, 1976, in Whiston, Merseyside, United Kingdom.

3. How many children does Kym Marsh have?

Kym Marsh has three children.

4. What is Kym Marsh’s net worth?

Kym Marsh’s net worth is approximately $5 million.

5. In which soap opera did Kym Marsh play the role of Michelle Connor?

Kym Marsh portrayed Michelle Connor in the ITV soap opera Coronation Street from 2006 to 2019.

In conclusion, Kym Marsh is a talented and accomplished individual with a rich family life and a diverse career that has left an indelible mark on the entertainment industry. Her journey from a musical household to becoming a prominent figure in television and music is nothing short of inspiring.

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