Dianne Buswell Height: How Tall is Dianne Buswell? Who is Dianne Buswell?

Dianne Buswell Height

Are you curious about Dianne Buswell’s height? This article will provide you with all the details you need about the Australian professional dancer’s impressive stature. Dianne Buswell was born on May 6, 1989, and she stands at an elegant 170 cm tall.


Dianne Buswell, an Australian professional dancer and designer, has carved a niche for herself in the world of dance and entertainment. With a career that began at the tender age of four, she has achieved remarkable milestones and garnered a legion of fans worldwide.

Early Life and Passion for Dance

  1. A Promising Start: Dianne embarked on her dance journey at the age of five in Perth, Australia.
  2. Blossoming Talent: Her early passion and dedication were evident as she started ballroom dancing at the remarkably young age of four.

Dancing Achievements and Titles

Throughout her illustrious career, Dianne Buswell has secured numerous titles that showcase her prowess in the competitive dance scene.

  • Adult New Vogue WA Champion: She achieved the prestigious title of the Adult New Vogue WA Champion in 2008 and 2010, alongside her brother Andrew.

The Rise to Fame

Dianne Buswell gained widespread recognition through her appearances on prominent dance shows, including:

  1. Strictly Come Dancing: She made her mark on the BBC hit series, captivating audiences with her dance performances.
  2. So You Think You Can Dance Australia: Her graceful moves and charismatic stage presence further solidified her status as a standout performer in the competitive dance scene.

Beyond Dance: Dianne Buswell as a Designer

Dianne Buswell’s talents extend beyond the dance floor. She has ventured into the world of fashion and design, showcasing her versatility and creativity.

  • Buswellness: She is the brains behind the casual clothing line, Buswellness, which reflects her personal style and flair.

Proudly Australian

  1. Australian Nationality: Dianne Buswell proudly hails from Australia, with her birthplace in Bunbury, Western Australia.
  2. Cultural Roots: Her Australian nationality serves as a significant aspect of her identity, and she has embraced and showcased her cultural roots throughout her career.
  3. Early Dance Journey: It was in her homeland that she started ballroom dancing at the age of 4, setting the stage for her remarkable achievements.
Name Dianne Buswell
Profession Australian professional dancer
Date of Birth 6 May 1989
Birth Place  Bunbury, Australia
Age (as of 2024) 34 years old
Height 170 cm
Weight 62 kg
Nationality Australian

Dianne Buswell Height in Different Units

To provide a comprehensive understanding of Dianne Buswell’s height, here are the measurements in different units:

  • Centimeters: 170 cm
  • Meters: 1.7 m
  • Feet: 5 feet 7 inches

Now you know precisely how tall Dianne Buswell is!


Dianne Buswell is more than just her height; she is a talented dancer, designer, and an Australian pride. Her journey from a young dancer to a renowned performer and designer is a testament to her dedication and passion for her craft.

Dianne Buswell Height – FAQs

1. Who is Dianne Buswell?

Dianne Buswell is an Australian professional dancer.

2. How tall is Dianne Buswell in centimeters?

Dianne Buswell’s height in centimeters is 170 cm.

3. What is Dianne Buswell’s age?

As of 2024, Dianne Buswell is 34 years old.

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