Charles Butler Missing Update: What Really Happened to Charles Butler?

Charles Butler Missing Update
Charles Butler Missing Update


Charles Butler, a 56-year-old Florida businessman, embarked on a fateful journey to New York in 2012, leaving behind a trail of unanswered questions. His story is one of romance, mystery, and ultimately, a chilling murder that shocked those who knew him. In this article, we will delve into the perplexing disappearance and tragic discovery of Charles Butler’s decomposed body near Port Jervis, New York, shedding light on the unsettling details of this murder mystery.

The Disappearance

Charles Butler’s visit to New York in 2012 was meant to be a romantic rendezvous with his girlfriend, Anna Lioznov. Little did he know that this trip would mark the beginning of a harrowing ordeal. On September 18, 2012, Charles vanished without a trace after visiting Anna’s apartment in Brooklyn. The last known moments of his life were captured on surveillance footage, which showed Anna’s ex-husband, Mikhail Chernyaev, entering her garage shortly after her departure.

Suspicious Texts

As days turned into weeks, Charles’s loved ones grew increasingly worried as they received alarming messages from his phone. These texts painted a grim picture, suggesting that something sinister had befallen him. The texts added to the perplexity surrounding his disappearance, leaving everyone desperate for answers.

Discovery of a Corpse

On October 15, 2012, a fisherman made a grisly discovery near Port Jervis, New York, at Hawk’s Nest. It was the decomposed body of Charles Butler, hidden away for nearly a month. The investigation that followed unearthed disturbing facts: Charles had been brutally stabbed, suffocated, and strangled. The once-missing person’s case had taken a sinister turn, becoming a full-fledged murder investigation.

The Culprit Confesses

The surveillance footage that had initially implicated Mikhail Chernyaev proved to be the key piece of evidence. Under mounting pressure, Chernyaev eventually confessed to the heinous crime. He admitted to killing Charles and then driving his lifeless body upstate to dispose of it. In 2012, the Brooklyn Supreme Court convicted him, and he was sentenced to 25 years to life in prison.

Jealousy Unleashed

The motive behind this brutal murder was jealousy, as revealed by Brooklyn District Attorney Ken Thompson. The romantic entanglement between Charles Butler and Anna Lioznov had fueled a dangerous obsession in Chernyaev, leading to this tragic and senseless act of violence.


The case of Charles Butler’s disappearance and subsequent murder serves as a grim reminder of the darkness that can lurk beneath seemingly ordinary circumstances. What started as a romantic getaway ended in tragedy, leaving family and friends in shock and mourning. The swift resolution of the case, with Chernyaev’s confession and conviction, provided a semblance of closure to a deeply disturbing chapter in their lives.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What happened to Charles Butler? Charles Butler, a Florida businessman, mysteriously vanished in 2012 during a New York visit and was later found dead, stabbed, suffocated, and strangled.
  2. Who was involved in Charles Butler’s murder? Mikhail Chernyaev, the ex-husband of Charles’s girlfriend, was implicated by surveillance footage and later confessed to the crime.
  3. When was Charles Butler’s body discovered? Charles’s decomposed body was found on October 15, 2012, near Port Jervis, N.Y., by a fisherman.
  4. What was Mikhail Chernyaev’s sentence for the murder? In 2012, Chernyaev was convicted by the Brooklyn Supreme Court and sentenced to 25 years to life in prison.
  5. What motivated the murder, according to authorities? Brooklyn District Attorney Ken Thompson stated that the motive behind the murder was jealousy.

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