BBC Strictly James Jordan Daughter Health Update: What Really Happened to James Jordan Daughter?

BBC Strictly James Jordan Daughter Health Update
BBC Strictly James Jordan Daughter Health Update

In this article, we delve into the heart-wrenching journey of James Jordan and his wife, Ola, as they navigate the health challenges faced by their three-year-old daughter, Ella. The family has recently shared another update on Ella’s health, highlighting her second hospitalization and concerns regarding a potential heart condition. Join us as we explore the details of this emotional journey.

Ella’s Hospitalization – A Second Visit

Former Strictly Come Dancing star, James Jordan, recently took to Instagram to share the news of his daughter Ella’s second hospitalization. Ella’s health struggles have been a matter of concern for the family and their fans. In the Instagram post, James posted a poignant picture of little Ella in a hospital bed, with a visibly worried Ola by her side. This marks yet another chapter in their daughter’s ongoing health saga.

The Challenge of Croup

In a video update, James revealed that the reason behind Ella’s latest hospitalization was a severe cough, diagnosed as croup. Despite receiving medical treatment, Ella’s condition took a turn for the worse, leaving her parents understandably distressed. The family had previously shared their worries about Ella’s health, including a viral infection and pneumonia. However, it’s the mention of a potential hole in her heart that has added another layer of concern to their already challenging journey.

The Ongoing Struggles

The Jordan family’s journey has been marked by the relentless challenges of caring for a young child facing a series of health complications. Their openness about Ella’s struggles has garnered immense support from fans and well-wishers. The Strictly Come Dancing community and fans have rallied around the family, offering messages of support and encouragement during this trying time.

Who is James Jordan?

James Jordan is a well-known English ballroom dancer and choreographer. He rose to fame alongside his wife, Ola Jordan, as they entered the professional dance scene in 2000. James gained widespread recognition for his role as a professional dancer on the popular TV show Strictly Come Dancing, where he showcased his dance skills from 2006 to 2013. His journey in the world of reality television included appearances in Celebrity Big Brother and a triumphant win in the eleventh series of Dancing on Ice.

Specifications Details
Name James Jordan
Born 13 April 1978
Born Place Gillingham, Kent, England
Age 45
Occupation(s) Dancer, choreographer
Years active 2006–present
Television Strictly Come Dancing (2006–13), Celebrity Big Brother (2014, 2017), Dancing On Ice (2019)
Spouse Ola Grabowska (m. 2003)
Children 1

James Jordan’s Accomplished Wife

James Jordan’s wife, Ola Jordan (formerly Grabowska), is also a highly accomplished British professional ballroom dancer. Their dance partnership began in 2000 and officially turned professional in 2003. Ola made her mark as a professional dancer on the BBC One television show Strictly Come Dancing, specializing in Latin American dancing. She became the champion of Strictly Come Dancing in 2009, solidifying her place in the dance world.

The Early Years

James Jordan’s journey into the world of ballroom dancing began in Gillingham, Kent. Although specific details about his family background are not publicly known, James has been open about sharing aspects of his personal life, including the loss of his father. His passion for dancing was ignited at the age of 13, leading to a successful career as a professional dancer and choreographer.

A Dance Career to Remember

James and Ola Jordan’s dance partnership has been a cornerstone of their careers. They initially retired to focus on teaching Latin American dancing in Hong Kong but later returned to competitive dancing. James’ appearances on Strictly Come Dancing featured partnerships with notable figures, and his resilience and skill earned him a special place in the hearts of fans.

James Jordan’s Net Worth

James Jordan’s net worth stands at an impressive $2 million, primarily attributed to his successful career as a professional ballroom dancer and choreographer. His time on Strictly Come Dancing, coupled with appearances on reality television shows like Celebrity Big Brother and Dancing on Ice, significantly contributed to his financial success. James and Ola also expanded their portfolio by participating in various television programs, further boosting their income.

Ella’s Ongoing Health Battle – FAQs

  1. What is the latest health update on James Jordan’s daughter, Ella? James Jordan recently shared that his three-year-old daughter, Ella, is back in the hospital for the second time due to health concerns.
  2. Why was Ella admitted to the hospital? Ella’s admission to the hospital was prompted by a severe cough, diagnosed as croup, which worsened despite initial treatment.
  3. What has been the ongoing health journey for Ella? Ella’s health struggles include a previous viral infection with a high temperature, diagnosed with pneumonia, and now concerns about a potential hole in her heart.
  4. How did James and Ola react to Ella’s health issues? James and Ola, visibly worried, shared updates on social media, expressing their concerns and seeking support from fans during this challenging time.
  5. What is the current status of Ella’s health condition? As of the latest update, Ella’s cough and health issues persist, with the family facing challenges in managing her condition, including medics suspecting a hole in her heart that requires further evaluation.


James Jordan and his family are facing a challenging and emotional journey as they continue to care for their daughter, Ella, during her health struggles. The outpouring of support from fans and the Strictly Come Dancing community is a testament to the strength of their bond and the importance of raising awareness about pediatric health issues. Our thoughts are with them as they navigate these difficult times.

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